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Printers. A description of the types. Selection criteria 16.09.2019 at 18:19

Buying cartridges in Moscow

Multiplying a technique is now used not only in offices. It can be found in almost every apartment. Printers are used to print different documents, and printed materials and photographs. Currently, there are two kinds of devices of this type – inkjet and laser, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

INKJET TECHNOLOGY provides high quality resolution when printing photos and other images. Depending on the intended use of the device, it can have from 4 to 12 colors. Great colours and good mixing between liquid ink ensures excellent colour reproduction in the printing process. Inkjet printers have a small size and low price.

for the sake of Justice it is worth noting such shortcomings of devices of this type as low-speed printing and the possibility of ink drying in the printhead when you rarely use them. The first of the above features is easily eliminated by picking printer CISS the continuous ink supply system. CISS does not require frequent and thorough maintenance, but provides a number of advantages. If present increases productivity, because you will not need to frequently change cartridges and reduces the cost of the printed product. The ink of the device serves under high pressure, which accelerates the printing process and makes it better.

to Avoid the second disadvantage of an inkjet printer even easier. Its performance will continue if once a week to print a few pages of text.

LASER TECHNOLOGY ensures the highest quality of printing text documents with the speed of this process. Prints created by a laser printer, do not fade in the sun and remain intact when hit water. Such devices operate almost silently. This feature of the devices is especially important during their active use.

In a laser printer applies toner-based powder, so they can easily withstand long periods without operation. At the same time, the use of powder provides and the lack of such laser printers as low degree of color. It is because to mix the powders in the toners of different colors and bring them to a homogeneous state is much more complicated than ink. One of these features of laser printers include their considerable size and high power consumption.

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