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Book Runet

Peter. 2009. We're hungry students, I live in a rented apartment, the six of us.

forever no Money, and eat really really want.

the Joint efforts of our parents we were sent humanitarian aid in the form of two sacks of potatoes.

Drove her truck driver from the Urals 2000 km (we're from there:)).

One of us at that time worked at the BMW dealership, the duties it was to fill the car from the cabin.

Well, I think I will go to refill, just in time to drive the package to pick up.

the picture is the following: there is a trucker on the side of the highway, we flew on a brand new shiny BMW X6, jumps out, grabs two bags of potatoes, put in the trunk, with tears of happiness in their eyes thank the "slightly" surprised and drove off into the sunset)))

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