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Reader PocketBook Aqua 632 review 17.09.2019 at 06:00

The Author's project of Alex mail

Of electronic readers I personally like most PocketBook - they have, in my opinion, the most advanced and convenient software, and the hardware is quite decent, as well as a set of possibilities. (By the way, on the Russian market of e-readers PocketBook cover about 70% of the total volume of all sold devices, as far as I know.)

In 2014, the company PocketBook has released the world's first waterproof reader PocketBook 640 Aqua, I have overlooked. This model enjoyed a certain popularity - still, readers often read during the holidays, conducted at sea, on the river or on the lake, some people also like to read, relaxarea in the tub or Jacuzzi, so in 2017 PocketBook was waterproof model - PocketBook Aqua 2 641.

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