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Analysis Forex market on 18.09.2019

Portal Forex trader 17.09.2019 at 21:14

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Hello. Let's look at a couple of interesting points to trade in the Forex market tomorrow 18.09.2019


On the USDCHF the price tried to go above the level 0,99500 back and formed a pattern Pin-bar. Should probably wait for the resumption of falling prices. But whether we will be able to pass the trend line is not clear. Transactions do not see here, wait for the development of the situation and breakout of any level.


On a pair USDCAD also unsuccessfully tried to gain a foothold above the level 1,32500, and formed a pattern Pin-bar. Probably worth waiting for the continuation of the fall, but a little confused by a small margin sellers in the statistics transactions. I think that's a sales order 1,3100 and below.


On AUDUSD formed a pattern Doji based on previously completed level 0,68336. It seems that the correction to waveny over and continue the growth and development of the trend up. Look here to purchase.

the Fundamental news APR KOSPI + 0,01%, Shanghai Composite — by 1.74%, Shenzhen Composite 2%, the Hang Seng Index Of 1.23%, the S&P/ASX 200 + 0,33% Nikkei + 0,06%

the Growth of oil prices in full on Tuesday was reflected in the Asian markets . Among the victims – the Chinese indices, win – Australian stock market.

Investors in Japan and South Korea agreed to refrain from transactions in anticipation of the fed meeting closed trading near the zero mark.

Today morning I embroidered the indicators are:

the balance of the current account on New Zealand exports and trade balance of Japan, the US Dow Jones + 0.13% for the S&P500; + 0,26% NASDAQ + 0,40%

Session of Tuesday was held in the purchases of shares, us indices closed in positive territory. The reason for optimism are fundamental, economic and political events.

Released on the second day of week macro statistics recorded a growth of industrial production in the USA higher than analysts ' forecasts. Concerns about high oil prices were dispelled by the restoration of Saudi Arabia supply of raw materials by 80%.

They fell because of the attack on the refinery of the Kingdom, presumably from Iran. The press learned that the White House insisted on a snapshot of a military strike on the Islamic Republic, but Donald trump refused, that was the reason for investors ' optimism.

the Main events of the day – the announcement of the level of the rate at 21: 00 and the press conference of the head of Department at 21-30.

up To this point will come stats:

15-30 – the Number of issued building permits and the volume of construction of new buildings in the U.S. 15-30 – Inflation 17-30 Canada – oil Reserves in the US, the Eurozone CAC40 + 0.24% of the FTSE — 0.04% of the DAX — 0,04%

on Tuesday, European investors have significantly reduced trading activity, the indices finished the day near the zero values. Markets await the fed's decision on rate and three meetings of the Central Banks of the rest of the week.

Yesterday afternoon could lead to volatile session, if Boris Johnson managed to make progress in the new conditions for Brakcet in the negotiations with the EU. The meeting was inconclusive, the British Prime Minister left, ignored the press conference.

In the currency market on Tuesday marked active growth of the Euro, traders bought the fall on Monday amid a positive vote of the European Parliament for the candidature of Christine Lagarde for the post of the ECB. The former Chairman of the IMF will be replaced by Mario Draghi November 1, 2019, the year.

Before dinner in the European session will be released news:

11-30 – Inflation, input prices and the cost of housing in the UK 12-00 – Inflation in the Euro area

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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