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"Gypsy": 5 interesting facts about the show

Article 14.09.2019 at 12:16

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New project of "Gypsy" can be seen on the channel from 16 September at 19:00.

This is a love story of representatives of two different worlds and mentalities – Gypsy girl Rada and the indigenous St Petersburg, Philology-graduate student from an educated family Maxim. Their meeting was accidental, and became fatal, changing their lives. They are unable to break promises, traditions to be together. But kept the love for life.

5 interesting facts about the show:

In the starring Viktoriya Poltorak.

On the site along with professionals, worked with artists-animals: horses, dogs, kitten and chickens with roosters. But the real star was the chicken named Alla. She was such a talented actress that it is noted by the entire crew. To please the Director, the chicken managed according to his wish even to lay the egg directly into the frame.

the film stars real Gypsy artists Gypsy theatre "Romance" under the direction of Igor Krikunova. In the scene of a holiday night of Ivan Kupala were involved in the shooting, while about 80 Gypsies. Igor Krikunov is embodied on the screen the image of the Happy father Janos.

during the filming of the whole acting team worked very harmoniously. Actors that do not have Gypsy origin, had to learn the language, national traditions, mannerisms and more, in order to fit into the image. A special place in the paid music. Gypsies are a very musical people, so it was necessary to create an accompaniment that conveys all the nuances of life of the Roma, and thus creates authentic musical picture. Lyudmila Krikunova: "Without music Gypsies can't live a day. If the Gypsies they are singing, if it's bad, too, sing. Everything in this life we do with music. In this film we sing folk songs as well as songs that are invented by the authors specifically for this series."

the youngest actor on the set was the baby girl. The plot of Happy baby boy, but "played" his little girl. The baby was taken to the platform directly after discharge from the hospital. She was only 5 days.