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"Gypsy": a fatal love or tradition?

Article 17.09.2019 at 15:42

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In the TV series young beautiful Gypsy Rada goes against the laws of the Tabor for the love linguist from St. Petersburg Maxim. Intricate plot, fatal love triangles and the triumph of real feelings – only a small part of this beautiful story.

to answer questions from the audience, came to the Studio starring Victoria Poltorak (Rada) and Dmitry Bee (Maksim). Consultant on Gypsy traditions were made by people's artist, actress of the theater "Romen" Irena Morozova, and the program was conducted by actor and Director Taras Kuzmin, known for his role as Dr. Chernoff in the series "Dr. baby dust" (season 4 premiere soon on channel Domashniy).

the Actors shared their memories from the shoot and talked about how to get used to their roles. Victoria Poltorak admitted that she almost had nothing to play – the actress Gypsy roots, and I am Glad she is actually in character and temperament.

"First, as often happens, filming the scene from the finale – said Victoria Poltorak. So we met Dmitry in the frame when Happy tells Maxim that they have a son."

"We filmed that scene four hours, – said Dmitry Bee. Because she could not come to a common opinion how to play it. And nobody wanted to compromise. Even thought we fight. But this conflict has had such fire in his eyes, this emotional stress to both of us! Removed as a result of perfect."

the shooting of the film took part and the real Gypsies – the artists of the theater "Romance". They treated Victoria and Dmitry with great respect and love. Artistic Director of the theatre "Romance" Igor Krikunov and his wife Lyudmila Krikunova almost took their younger counterparts in the family. Igor Krikunov played the Happy father of Janos, and his wife, the mother of the main negative character of Baro in-law Happy. Victoria Poltorak had to learn a few remarks on the Romani language, and it's taught the right way to dance, to dress according to the folk customs and, of course, behave as befits a young Gypsy girl. A bright Happy dance has become one of the most memorable scenes.

"Gypsy dance not just a dance, and the soul of a dancing man, – said Irene Morozova. Vic with the task coped brilliantly."

were Shooting in a remote village on the border with the Bryansk region, where not even take cellular. Participated in the filming and the locals of the surrounding villages. Thus, one 96-year-old resident sang folk songs in the story were collected and recorded hero Dmitry Bees.

"In villages where the shooting took place, we almost every day had become "victims" of hospitality, – said Dmitry Bee. – Because people everywhere asked us, had tables, exposed pies, pickles, jams, cordials homemade... was it Tough!"

the Audience was interested in – remove any series on the real events or the whole story – a figment of the imagination of the writers? To would choose the real Gypsy – love or tradition?

the Actress Irene Morozova stressed that usually Gypsy girls are strictly watch over their morals, is rarely out of his parents ' will and almost never met with foreigners. But to every rule there are exceptions, what is known since the times of Alexander Pushkin, who wrote the well-known "Song of Zemfira" from the poem "Gypsies". Where Gypsy also falls in love with the Europeans against the will of the father. Therefore, according to Morozova, in any work of art is permissible liberties in relation to the realities of life.

of Course, the events of "Gypsy" – literary fiction writers, but based on the so-called "stray," the story of a beautiful forbidden love proud free girls and men, fettered by the bonds of civilization.

But everything else was real – and stunningly beautiful fields and woods, and Gypsy folk songs performed in the wedding scene, horses, three, violin, guitar and more. All that viewers can see on TV Domashniy in the melodrama "Gypsy" on weekdays at 19:00.