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“the Dark look for the Summer Cup and final premerki”

KVN for ALL 17.09.2019 at 10:31

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Coincidentally, ethers went in a row, and is forced once again to compare these two different WHC. A big difference in the WHC is only between Svetlogorsk and the festival of lights. Moreover, both – it drink. Just one thing he is from the past, and in the second of a possible future. To help you understand the audience in Sochi, imagine, Friday, 19.00, you drunk tourist from the province, the hours waiting at the entrance, street 29, 29 in the hall, though the walls and there, but wind also. Was told that last year in the hall who had friends, next to them sat three with fumes that fell asleep on the cards woke up in muzykalku. The three of them clapped the whole competition, the choir of Russian roads do not listen to what they sing and say. Also works exactly the lezginka.

Even the warm up didn't hold, because with the audience it is dangerous because activists from blue microphones. But if the teams with each other to play something the audience couldn't care less. And, until recently, said that the competition will be, even on the night before the game we wrote the course to warm-up. But... When I found out that workout is not, it became clear that the intrigue is not. However, there were. I thought we were over the stem score will be removed, because it went bad. Moreover, they themselves knew that something was wrong, but he's always kind of worked on the hall, on editing, on themselves in the readings. And then came out and once it is clear, will not go. All of this is somehow not there. Will consider.

So, definitely come only very simple songs and dances. Thrice we doubted their dance units, but we were convinced, what is there to do. And during the match we realized that the bottom is even lower, we are still overestimating the Sochi audience. He's not stupid, not old, not limited, but it is not Moscow hall, this hall is a provincial, not versed in humor, lazy and sleepy. He is ready to pop, but not willing to think. At all. Well, that next year the Cup will be no such excuses.

on the other hand, the seven best teams premerki and Ryazan prospectus. Numerous attempts to break the patterns and to feel their path. The Buryats, pythons, flushes, plus seven, "I am offended" -all were attempts to gain a foothold on a strange shore. Of course, most of their experiments just passed unnoticed for summer the Sochi hall. Where dancing, synchronated, theatre of shadows, finally? Thus is the way of life of cheerful and resourceful – first, to win, you need not sickly grow, and in the end to win, you have not weak to fall.

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