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Bryansk oblast summed up the results of the nationwide "HIV Test: the Expedition of 2019" Breaking news 25.09.2019 at 14:50

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The residents of the Bryansk region took part in the national event by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation "HIV Test: the Expedition 2019", held in conjunction with the Gorky automotive plant (GAZ). The aim of the campaign is to inform citizens on HIV/AIDS, reducing stigma of HIV-positive citizens and motivating people to test for HIV.

Mobile testing (MPT) from 21 to 25 September conducted HIV testing simultaneously in several venues in different cities of the region. Passers-by with interest has responded to the invitation to come in bright branded car. Going to work or school, shopping, to the cinema or cafe, people could do HIV test, which lasted only 15 minutes.

In the framework of more than 400 of the region's residents learned their HIV status, received credible information about HIV/AIDS, were able to assess their risks of infection and received expert advice on the prevention of disease.

part in the action and took the local media by providing substantial information support. On TV of Bryansk and the region came reports of the rapid test. Journalists willingly went to MPT to take the test for HIV, to learn about methods of diagnosis of the disease.

In the cities of the campaign held seminars for medical specialists of primary medical care, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists on the topic of early detection of HIV infection. Experts told how to communicate with the patient in the appointment of HIV infection and discussion of its results. In the training films on the example of a particular situation – in a dialogue between doctor and patient presented methods pre-test and post-test counselling.

on 25 September in Bryansk there was held the official closing ceremony of the regional stage of the campaign "HIV Test: the Expedition of 2019". The ceremony was attended by Deputy Director of the Department of health of Bryansk region A. V. Shcherbakov, acting head of administration of the Soviet district of Bryansk M. P. Mikhalev, chief specialist-the expert of Department of epidemiological surveillance of Rospotrebnadzor Bryansk region E. A. Savinykh, head doctor of GBUZ "Bryansk regional center for prevention and control of AIDS" by A. A. Inchin, chief physician of GBUZ "Unechskaya Central district hospital" S. N. Kudinov, the head of the Orthodox of the regional centre of social adaptation and rehabilitation, S. V. Kuz'michev.

the Deputy Director of the Department of health of Bryansk region A. V. Shcherbakov: "the Inhabitants of five cities of the Bryansk region took part in the action. They received accurate information about the ways of HIV infection, and were able to quickly and anonymously find out your HIV status. In our region, prevention in the spotlight. And the campaign "HIV Test: the Expedition" is primarily aimed at preventing the spread of HIV infection. And that prevention and informing the population about how HIV and knowing your HIV status helps stop the spread of the disease."

the acting head of administration of Bryansk's Sovetsky district of M. P. Mikhalev stated that "the campaign "HIV Test: the Expedition" gives the opportunity to everyone, regardless of age and social status, to check their health and learn their HIV status. In Bryansk, there is a large-scale system of preventative measures that call to make a choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle. And we say "YES!" to health, creativity, sports. And we choose the knowledge to resist HIV infection."

the Chief doctor GBUZ "Bryansk regional center of AIDS" by A. A. Inchin, said that to counter the spread of HIV infection is possible only by combining the efforts of authorities, civil society and public organizations. "Unfortunately, in our cities there is stigma and discrimination against HIV-positive citizens. They do not want to take the job, do not want children to take to school. And this action allows to inform about this problem, to fight stigma and discrimination. And only informing about the ways of HIV transmission and prevention can protect all of us. Today, we must understand that HIV is a chronic manageable infectious disease. And every one of us who does not know the ways of transmission and how to protect yourself may be at risk".

the Next region that will go the expedition will be the Oryol oblast.

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