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Olga Romaniv told how to report the desire to divorce Breaking news 25.09.2019 at 15:12

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Breakup – difficult period in life for both partners. Negative emotions experienced by a person who took the decision to divorce may affect the process of divorce is not the best way. A couple of long years to sort things out, even after documented breakup.

During times of conflict, partners often threaten divorce, especially in anger, as it allows to take precedence over another person. It also allows you to force the partner to take seriously the fact that something has to change.

Always remember that divorce is an important decision which needs to be prepared not only mentally, but also emotionally as well as financially. Overpower emotional attachment to the partner, so you can make the decision to divorce impartially. Ask yourself why you want to divorce. If in addition to the desire to complete these relations something still remains, then until you are ready to divorce. The divorce will not be able to correct mistakes or to get people to feel something different. Divorce can only end the marriage and break your relationship with your partner.

Remember that spouses who are quarrelling, are constantly threatening to divorce, eventually cease to feel the importance of this decision. If you've decided that you want to divorce, you will need to clearly present this information appropriately.

Remember that you are going to be the bearer of bad news, which will evoke strong emotions. Jot down a few sentences, choosing soft phrase and the right tone.

If you are serious, don't let your husband false hope. Don't say that: "I no longer feel happy. I want to know if we can fix the things that bother me". So, your husband decide that you want to continue to save the marriage. Such language should be avoided, if you have come to the point of no return.

Speak politely, do not try to insult the partner, even if your decision was influenced by his unacceptable behavior that is negative, you will convey to the man could turn into a scandal, and the process of divorce will take a long time. Don't blame anyone in your decision.

Let the man digest the information. After you put him to the fact of the inevitable parting, do not immediately attempt to discuss the division of property and children. Frankly, that gives him time to think about the circumstances and wait ready to meet you.