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The new Arbat in Moscow are attacked by rats Breaking news 25.09.2019 at 17:09

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Residents of the capital complain of an unprecedented invasion of rats in Novy Arbat street in Central Moscow – government route. Rodents have reached a number that is not afraid to go out in broad daylight, pacing quietly in front of passers-by. Also they are entering into houses and eating places located at the former Kalinin Prospekt.

the Massive proliferation of rats and mice contribute to illegal dumping in the yards of the New Arbat. Accumulations of debris are not taken out for many days and weeks, that provokes the appearance of new rodents and contributes to the growth of their population.

help: Rats carry dangerous diseases, the most dangerous among them are rabies, bubonic plague, leptospirosis (which they call "rat's disease", which reduces blood clotting), tularemia (infection that affects the skin and lymph nodes) and typhus. All these diseases can lead to death. Also rats contribute to the spread of fleas and ticks that are dangerous to human health and Pets.

some individuals, which can be seen rummaging through the trash on Novy Arbat, reaches a fairly large size. They can be dangerous for dogs and cats. There are cases of an attack of rats on people. Most often the victims of aggressive rodents are children under the age of 5 years.

Novy Arbat Street is under the jurisdiction of Justices of the Arbat district of Moscow, a member of the Central administrative district of Moscow. It is the center of the capital – the question of sanitary-epidemiological condition of the streets not too worried about responsible for the field officials.