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Paper comics. "Batman" James Tinion IV: "Lonely place to live" The article 21.09.2019 at 08:55

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"Time unfolds in sequence. Many events are predetermined," says grown-up Timothy Drake to himself, but still young. "I became what I was meant to be," says the alien from the future, dressed in the costume of the Dark Knight...

- I'll never be Batman, and I always knew it. This path is not for me. {...}

- Trust me, my boy. You can't retire until you realize the power over you have this way of life.

the Main character of the fifth book of James Tinion IV from the series "Batman. Detective Comics" is again not Batman himself and members of his entourage. This time is Timothy Jackson Drake, also known as Red Robin: everyone thinks he died long ago, but we immediately knew that he was alive, only in a strangely enigmatic prisoner, and waited, and when he climbs out.

And here it is. With the help of ... Batman. Rather, using the very same himself, from the future – in which he took the place of Batman after the death of Bruce Wayne. "Well, who else, Tim?" – asks the adult a copy, lamenting that he wasn't going to qualify for such an important post (recall, Tim dreamed of University education), but "became who I was meant to be", even against their wishes: "I did Not choose this path. It was chosen for me."

Gotham needed Batman. More than ever before. For many years I tried to avoid his fate, tried to find peace, to find a way out. But only I knew what the town needs. Knew how to restore order, which supported Bruce, while he was alive. And besides me, it was no one.

Turn the graphic novel James Tinion IV "Batman. Detective Comics. Book 5: a Lonely place to live"

However, the Ministry of Gotham didn't bring him (like his predecessor) is neither happiness nor desired peace. Moreover, almost all friends, we understand, not only turned away from him, but even become his enemies – and even Stephanie that had once been his lover, in the future, only sighs:

Tim did this to himself. He tried to single-handedly hold an entire world on their shoulders. And failed. The world collapsed on him.

whatever this lonely creature, it's definitely not Tim Drake. No more Tim Drake.

"Some events in life cannot be changed, Tim. Some decisions are made for you," trying to prove the future Batman very well imagine from the past – but at the whim of temporary streams suddenly falls into our present. Where suddenly realizes that maybe there's still a chance to fix everything, because "for some reason... more the future is not predetermined".

Turn the graphic novel James Tinion IV "Batman. Detective Comics. Book 5: a Lonely place to live"

I can save you from becoming me. And I'll start with the man who ruined my life. With the man responsible for the fall of Batman.

I have to kill Batwoman.

"Batwoman is not the same person Tim, and very soon you will see for yourself," - says the Tim, the older ("it's like He's the center of all the worst in me. Plus twenty years of experience and knowledge"), but the evidence in this case, no leads, asking for some reason to take him at his word. Our Tim in turn is forced to make a similar request of his faithful comrades, not giving even the time to rejoice in his unexpected resurrection...

You will have to take on trust anything I tell you. Now is no time to argue whether it's real or not. In Gotham now is my DoppelgangeR from the future. And he's extremely dangerous.

Turn the graphic novel James Tinion IV "Batman. Detective Comics. Book 5: a Lonely place to live"

Perhaps, what is particularly important to us this book is the fact that it fills gaps in the biography of the red Robin, which is familiar to Russian readers, not as well as the actual Dark Knight. But it turns out that he in the childhood has revealed the identity of Batman and Robin, showing supposedly the greatest detective in the world, that somewhere near grows no less savvy a change. But when Tim grew up, he realized that "to help this world can be more spectacular ways," and therefore were, as we remember, "hang your coat on a nail". Now, getting out of prison, he will have to decide for yourself: he remains one of the Knights of Gotham – or in front of him still another way...

This message is simple and clear: no matter who you are, you can always fight back the evil and make the world a better place. I believe that we do not have to live as loners. Moreover, I am sure that we build our own lives and there are always people who support us and make us stronger. Become a good, whole person is anyone.

the Fragment of one of the original covers of the graphic novel James Tinion IV "Batman. Detective Comics. Book 5: a Lonely place to live"

Add to this that in the bonus chapters, written by Tinina in collaboration with Christopher Sebelas, Pinelike and Glenalta remember the old days when they worked together in the movie ("Oh, now I'd give anything again to be removed and even used in such a vile film"), and certain Anarchy encourages Stephanie to join the ranks of a national community, which will soon "change the world": "We build our utopia right in the deepest wound on the body of Gotham. And what we will build, heal the whole rotten system."

you only have to attract to our side of Batman. So he dumped his stupid, useless mask, and finally took up a decent job.

There is such an opinion – that assiduous weeding of garden beds healthier tireless fight against crime. Of course, you are free to disagree.

the Cover of the graphic novel James Tinion IV "Batman. Detective Comics. Book 5: a Lonely place to live"

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