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"Alms for the poor" — the Officer of special forces "alpha" made fun of for advertising base gear

MComp 27.09.2019 at 10:59

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Audience was't ready for that.

the Officer of antiterrorist group "A" SPC FSB caused a negative audience in your social networks.

the Blogger, the lead channel about the Russian security forces and their weapons, had the FSB Colonel that could help him to build your audience.

the Colonel often pleased subscribers, insider photos and videos from training and competitions. However, another publication was an advertisement that caused a negative reaction in the network officer advertised equipment of power structures from private providers.

Such posts can be often seen in the accounts of the security forces, which is not only a mockery of the audience, but also regret.

the Fact that officers of special forces "alpha" and "Vympel" sometimes you have to buy the equipment at its own expense has long been known in network fact.

Often buy and weapons — Colonel was told that the FSB special forces are often dissatisfied with the issued with firearms in connection with it, had to buy a rifle at their own expense. Including foreign models — favorite rifle officers group "A" and "b" is an American AR-15.

If you believe the military Telegram-channels, the salary of the officers varies from 30 to 120 thousand, and dealers in raspiarennyh stores tear prices at an exorbitant price.

in Addition, in such "stalls" equipment, which will ensure the safety of the fighter, does not always correspond to the declared quality.

the Officer of "alpha" accused of advertising low-grade equipment.

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