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"Parasites twitched!": VC upset of antireligioznik

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 27.09.2019 at 09:12

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

As you probably heard, the VC began to warn users of inaccurate information in the communities of antireligioznik. Now when I try to go to the public sectarians you get this kind of dice is:

Can only support VC. Judge for yourself: all of block social network community of terrorists, and the potential danger of the activities of antitreponemal much higher. She threatens to epidemics that can mow a lot more people than terrorists in the entire history of terrorist attacks.

Themselves antireligioznik, of course, don't think so. They decided that the VC colluded with pharmaceutical companies and now wants their lime.

In one of the largest communities of antitreponemal in the VC "Truth about vaccinations" composed of more than 100 thousand people. Read what they think about this situation:

Finally I want to show the sectarians a couple of Mamsikov topic:

Expensive antireligioznik! Remember: if your children are not yet sick, it is only because they are surrounded by many vaccinated children have adequate parents.