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How will the Crimea after 10 years

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 27.09.2019 at 13:05

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

I had a rest in Crimea for many years. It was really long... because now voluntarily go to rest in the Crimea is possible only if you are a police officer and you have taken away the passport. Crimean resorts are totally uncompetitive. Dirt, terrible service, inappropriate prices! Oh, no, better than in Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, or, at worst, in Gelendzhik!

But I believe that sooner or later the Crimea will flourish! That the clouds will shatter and the sky will once again Shine the sun. And Crimea, of course, will be one of the best resorts in the world! I've even prepared a report from the future. Let's see how beautiful the Crimea! In the yard we have a 2030...

01. To start I'd like Yalta. Yalta – the pearl of Crimea. After 10 years, the city will put in order. From the streets disappear advertising and leads, residents once again will see what Yalta is beautiful!

02. The streets will bloom beautiful trees.

03. On individual buildings will still be Windows, but it's the exception.

04. Central street will be closed to traffic, and tourists from around the world will ride comfortable bikes!

05. Is parked on the sidewalks, cars and rubbish bins will be racks.

06. The streets are decorate modern sculpture.

07. The kids will ride a modest challenge.

08. Throughout the resort will be built a network of cycle paths! The bike will be the main transport updated resort!

09. Beaches will be clean in just a couple of tens of euros you can rent a deckchair or a large bed with a canopy.

10. Night Yalta will flourish!

11. On the streets of life! And no Leps and Trophimus, they by 2030, ban.

12. Oh, how beautiful Yalta!

13. How good it is...

14. Cleared the streets spread out the tables of restaurants and cafes.

15. Have to carry, however, all the shit that had built there, and to restore the lost architecture.

16. In Yalta will be safe, bicycles will not wear, no one will steal.

17. In the restored monuments will open trendy shops.

18. Okay, let's go further... Look at Koktebel. If anyone has forgotten, now is a terrible mess:

But by 2030, the resort will blossom!

19. It today any local resident wants to buy an old bucket to taksovat and breed of tourists. And in 10 years everyone will ride on a boat to fish and relax.

20. No one is going to need, everyone will be happy. How can you be unhappy if you have a yacht?

21. Vacationers will as Navy seals bask on the rocks.

22. Beaches put in order. In the sea will no longer drain the shit!


24. This Is Koktebel!

25. Is not this a fairy tale? Koktebel beaches are considered the cleanest in Europe.


27. A miracle!


29. And this is Theodosius. As you Central square?

30. So be it!

31. The tavern will be demolished, and Theodosius will become beautiful.

32. People will finally be able to walk around town and enjoy the beauty.

33. The old Church

34. Parking away from the beach, so as not to spoil the view. By the way, all Parking in Feodosia will be paid.

35. The machine of the future

36. Yes, the ugliness, but so what? We in 2030.

37. Okay, that's all we ride along the shore? All cities of the Crimea will flourish. Let's look at the Simferopol! Here the pedestrian streets of the Crimean capital:

38. The streets will be drenched in greenery.

39. The squares will not be more green men, and there will be cafe tables and tourists from around the world.

40. For the weekend will be to put the carousel.

41. The city will return the lovely details.

Now this:

42. But so be it. Yes, it's hard to believe, but it's Simferopol.

43. Do you like it?

Now this:

44. Instead of Parking lots and broken sidewalks will be a beauty.

45. The city will flourish.


47. Nice.

48. The gate in the center



51. Historic building restored.




55. Do you like it?






I pinched myself and woke up...

Hand immediately reached for the passport, checked the Schengen area – it's all here.


Yalta: Forte dei Marmi (Italy)

Koktebel and Feodosiya: Lerici (Italy)

Simferopol: Sarzana (Italy)