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28.09.2019 12:00 : Investigators will check the information about the withdrawal of children from the mother in the Urals

News | Moscow Echo 28.09.2019 at 09:00

News on the echo of Moscow

The investigators check the information about the removal of children from mothers in the Urals. Media reported that these problems began due to a conflict with the authorities.

the Story about how the officials took the children from hospitalized mother aired on several television channels, and now it is necessary thoroughly to understand all the details of the incident, said on the website of the Investigative Committee.

this is the five children of Nina Pugacheva from the village stepanivka in the Chelyabinsk region. In the middle of the night when she was in the hospital for surgery to her house the police came and took minors at the age from three to fourteen years. Now the mother required to sign retroactively the voluntary transfer of children to the rehabilitation center, she said in an interview with the online edition Pugacheva refuses to do so, because it believes the actions of the authorities illegal.

According to the woman, deprived of her children because of long-standing conflict with the village and district administration. With 2010 Pugacheva is trying to get new housing, but officials agree does not work. According to her, the family now lives in a dilapidated house with rotting pipes, a barely working electricity and black mold, but the options they offer is no better.

Pugachev also said that her children suffered severe psychological trauma, and rehabilitation center keeping them separate from each other.