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28.09.2019 13:00 : ENEA today is the festival of Regardie "Safe city"

News | Moscow Echo 28.09.2019 at 10:00

News on the echo of Moscow

It is held in the center of Moscow for the third time.

To the beginning of the festival of Regardie are former Muscovites and guests of the capital were few. The majority of these were relatives of staff members. The men – including those who serve on the call – in the Soviet era there were over 50 people. The festival began with a performance of one of the groups she sang songs on military themes and songs dedicated to Regardie. Nearby areas, where it shows military equipment and medical equipment, Playground and kiosk with informational bulletins of the Department. They give them away for free. In the article one of these Newspapers, in particular, refers to the summer protests in Moscow and claimed that the whole incident is the riots, and they, according to the text, organized provocateurs. However, those who came to the festival, was unable to give a clear relationship to the actions of asguardian during rallies. So, one of the Muscovites refused to comment on this subject and said that he had come to see military equipment. Anna and Julia in turn, said they were impressed by the tent first. They are ranked as the people who don't follow politics.

Themselves resguardar to communicate refused, citing the fact that they are "not allowed".

Meanwhile, on Sunday in the centre of Moscow scheduled a rally in defense of political prisoners and against police brutality. It is organized by the libertarian party. The action agreed with the authorities.