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Should people immortality? :.: Article 26.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

All life on our planet is limited by the finite period of existence to give way for the younger shifts. The world is arranged so that it acts nutrient cycle. This global process is seen everywhere. Then what is immortality? In General, the immortality means infinite in time the physical existence of someone. But is it possible? At first glance it may seem that the idea of immortality is quite reasonable to discuss and research. Because the average duration of human life since the dawn of civilisation does not exceed 30 years because of extremely difficult conditions for existence. With the development of civilization, life expectancy increased. Now it is not uncommon to people who are 100 years or more. But here we have a case of centenarians. However, if the scientists "canceled" was written by nature in the DNA of the factor of duration of life, and in society will continue to solve the problem of mortality from a disease, then is there a chance at the expense of more comfortable conditions to realize the old dream of immortality a reality? If you look at the idea of immortality from the standpoint of rationalism, it is impossible not to pay special attention to the great injustice of nature. She is that person your whole life solves different tasks, acquiring knowledge and experience, becoming wiser and more valuable to society. But all these efforts negates death. Not wasteful of it? M. Z. Chagall, "a Sad occasion (a Funeral in the village)", 1908 Photo: let's Try to understand in a dispute with those who believe that immortality will allow evolution more efficiently use human resources. So what makes nature to keep in the DNA of the killer? The nutrient cycle is impossible to break the order of some kind. Man is only the highest on the planet phase in the development of organisms. Has no special nature values, how (the burial of the body in the ground or cremation) a person will join the primary resources of the planet. For nature, we — the same "object" as any insect. Let's imagine that immortality is achieved. What is in store? First of all, that civilization would need to ban the birth rate. But people living mainly in order to continue the human race. Collapse the basis of the States family. Without this the cell will collapse and the economy. As an option of the society with immortality, in the category of ever-living "to dedicate" for special outstanding merits, limiting the birth rate on the planet to an acceptable level. But it does mean that there will be a very serious moral problem. After all, immortal in arithmetic progression will become more and more, and eventually civilization will consist only of them. V. M. Vasnetsov, "Kashchei Immortal", 1926 Photo: However, all these "fancy" with the myth of the immortality nature has long been "blocked" once and for all. How? Very simple. The older in age a person is, the harder it is to remember something or recall. Doctors can replace some organs the organs of the donors. But replace the brain impossible. Some parts can be erased with radiations and chemicals. But to restore the brain to its maximum abilities can still only be God himself. What society "layer" of the former with the thinking of geniuses in old age as in children? Really quite ethically and sensibly to solve the problem of increasing life expectancy. But it is absurd to try to "correct" nature in order to create a society of Immortals. ...

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