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What "three dog night"? History of hits from the band THREE DOG NIGHT :.: Article 26.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The Expression "beastly cold" (when a normal dog and can't show my face from his kennel) is known to everyone. Indirect relationship to this expression is the name of the American group THREE DOG NIGHT. The idea to christen the group the NIGHT of the THREE DOGS (or TRAGABUCHES NIGHT if you wish) came up with vocalist Danny Hutton, when he read in the journal about the tradition of Australian aborigines to sleep on a cold night cuddling with dogs Dingo. Accordingly, the colder the night the more live "heaters" was required... the Heyday of the band occurred in the period 1969-1974, when she bombarded the charts musical hits almost regularly. And the band itself-the songs almost wrote, but were able to expertly handle someone else's material. The second feature was the presence of three equal singers, allowing them to easily saturate the songs with rich vocal parts. A scan of the cover of the disc Striking example of this is their first big hit — "One" ("One") was raised in 1969 by the 5th place of the charts of the United States. A song about loneliness (something similar in mood to the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby") was composed and first recorded by Harry Nilsson. The inspiration came when the singer tried, unsuccessfully, for someone to call and the sounds of beeps in his head was born the same monotonous piano Intro. If performed by Nilsson "One" sounded sad and thoughtful, the THREE DOG NIGHT turned her into a desperate and powerful rock action with ecstatic vocals of Chuck Negron. The author of the translation — Tigra:"One" is the loneliest number,you can imagine."Two" can be no better,She's the loneliest number after one...there is nothing left of horoshego since you left.Now I spend time trying to come up with a rhyme to the word "yesterday". The song became so successful that on the cover of their debut album, initially entitled simply "Three Dog Night", had to add the word "One" as the subtitle. The author of one of the hit 1969 — "Eli's Coming" — was a talented girl Laura Niro (the one which gave the successful song "And When I Die" BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS). In THREE DOG NIGHT the right to sing a song about the girl Alice and her broken heart went to Cory wells. Although the author's version of Laura and a version of the group not so much different, that single hit the us TOP 10. First No. 1 hit, the group got in 1970 when he recorded the song "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" (in Ukrainian, "Oh, kazala meni Mati not walks on veru"). The song was performed from the face of the unsuspecting guy first came to the youth party and experiencing the horror of the things happening there is a disgrace. I say, therefore, the author of "Mama Told Me" — the singer Randy Newman has described his first experience of exploring a musical get-together of Los Angeles. Author of translations — Alex:...Open the window and let in the fresh air.I think I already zadyhayus smell of stale perfume And the cigarette you smoke,you are Able to scare me almost to death.Open the window,Let me breathe!Radio is booming,Someone knocks at the door,I look at my girlfriend She just passed out on the floor.I saw so many things I had never seen in my life.I don't know what it is But I don't want to see... Song again sang Corey wells, which is not surprising. He had long loved her and sang on stage with his previous band. By the way, Randy Newman initially reacted to the version of THREE DOG NIGHT with mistrust, considering the group too "juvenile". However, after "Mama Told Me" topped the hit parade, Newman's attitude has changed. He even called the musicians to thank for the fact that their record helped him "to send their children to College." The song, of course, funny, but among the hits of THREE DOG NIGHT 1970-ies I like the other. Interestingly, although he wrote a stranger — Paul Williams, but before TRAGABUCHES NIGHT this song no one heard. They say Williams was planning to give it to Duo The CARPENTERS, but they refused. And in vain — the THREE DOG NIGHT version has reached the charts in 4th place. Called this hit the lowly — "An Old Fashioned Love Song" ("old Fashioned love song"), and he said that the traditional is banal, themes, and ringtones are still popular. However, the song itself didn't sound so corny, and the scene altogether was served with humor. ...

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