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How to rent an apartment without a realtor and do not be deceived? :.: Article 27.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Many want to rent an apartment are complaining that it is difficult to rent an apartment from the owner, the terms of some agents and a lot of "fake" ads from them in order to lure the inexperienced tenant in their network. How to find a real apartment at a realistic price without paying Commission, while not running into scams and protect yourself? Let's see... separate the wheat from the chaff When it comes to the issue of selection of apartments for rent, the person typically opens the sites for finding accommodation. Offers diverse and unpredictable. There may be flat "after grandma" for the removal of which is necessary to give polzarplaty. And there are very tidbits... Such a low price, and design improvements. Odd, isn't it? This ad is intended for what you call it, and only an experienced agent can figure out how to get you hooked. If you are invited to come to the office, then pay, and only then give the opportunity to see housing, then this is an absolute Scam. Often scammers will call themselves representative of the owner and not admit that they paid, to the last. In the best case you will get the old database owners, who have long since passed their property. In the worst case the agent will disappear after the payment. So, in summary: go around the side is too "nice" apartment at a suspiciously low price. Photo: StockSnap, what to pay attention before you dial the phone number Usually in the ad is basic information. Important points: Who rents an apartment: the owner or agent. On some sites you can use the filter and select only private ads. So you will save on commissions. Is there a Deposit or advance payment for several months. Often, the owner requests a security Deposit which shall return when the tenants wants to move out. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous owners who will find something to complain about, not to give a Deposit.The presence of furniture and appliances and ready to deliver. If the photo has little furniture or equipment is not visible, it is possible to ask the owner if she's in the apartment. Many owners come to the question of loyal and buy more for the tenant the necessary conditions. Only this must be arranged in advance and in writing in the contract. Preference to tenants. Well, if you are a married couple without children and animals. These tenants want almost all hosts. But tenants with Pets should pay attention to the requirements of the owners. And not all owners are willing to take the apartment of the students. So, if you are young, be prepared that the phone will ask you to tell me about your activity.Size utilities. If the announcement does not specify the exact amount of the receipts, then it is better to clarify. Who will pay for the overhaul? You pay only for the counters or the entire receipt? How much will have to pay in the winter if you live in an apartment outside of the heating season. The difference can be substantial.What is the term flat for rent. This is important, because some owners hide the fact that soon we are going to live in an apartment or are thinking to sell it. You don't want to suddenly move out or take daily of potential buyers?Who is the owner of the documents. If the announcement says that losing the "owner", that doesn't always mean that you are communicating with the landlord. Just imagine that the son decided to rent an apartment of the parents, and they do not know. What will happen when they find out? But such cases are not uncommon. Or maybe the keys to the apartment happened to be a friend or unscrupulous agent. In this case, you leave a Deposit and checking into the apartment may not happen. Common fraudulent scheme. Pay attention to these nuances, it turns out most of the information on the phone, to meeting in person. Photo: Depositphotos How to draw up a contract If you are lucky enough to find an apartment without intermediaries, we need to make a deal for rental housing is becoming your concern. Be sure to sign the contract! So you protect yourself from fraud and unpleasant situations in the future. The form can be found online for free access. What to prescribe in the contract: By law, the tenancy agreement may be signed only by the owner. Option, when "the daughter of the owner, but I'll sign for it" or "that is her passport" — not good. Such an agreement will have legal force.Enter all the data owner. If anything, you'll know who to look for and where.Describe the property of the state. If the apartment has serious defects, specify them in the contract, then they are "not hung up" on you.Clearly list, for which you pay, and for that owner. This applies to utilities, maintenance, pay for the overhaul. Specify who has the right to live together with you. Usually it's close relatives.Usually during the entire term of the contract payment remains unchanged. Maximum term contract of 11 months. Specify that payment is recorded for this period. How often will the owner has the right to come to the apartment. Standard — 1 per month for payment by prior arrangement. The time frame in which you should warn about the circumstances by which you must vacate the apartment. This is usually 2 weeks. This time is enough to search for a new home. The same requirement applies to the contract employer. Give the Deposit only to the owner of the apartment and only a receipt. Insert in the preliminary contract the day you receive the keys to the property. Adherence to these rules will help you rent a house without problems. Remember that hackers usually disappear when they see the competence and legal awareness of the tenant. A conscientious owner will never avoid answering the question....

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