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How happy to survive your work day? Five ways not to lose heart :.: Article 28.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Mainly office work is associated with boredom and monotonous activity that gets old quickly. And constantly there are the temptations to be distracted from such work to external things and events to look out the window, talk to colleagues, drink coffee, play games on the computer, folded out of paper clips to any shape, etc. All of this ultimately affects the quality of work and pay. In order not to fall into the trap of procrastination, there are several ways to make a boring job and make the work day not so stressful and exhausting. Method 1 — decorate the working place the Working place is what you see throughout the working day, and his condition affects your. If your workplace is drab and boring, the same will be your working atmosphere. Decorate your desktop beautiful pictures: smiles, landscapes of places you want to visit, cars, motorcycles, houses, if you want to have — it will serve as an incentive to earn more. On a Desk to put the amulets, talismans, funny figures, next to the wall to hang a calendar with a funny picture. If the calendar is marked with any date that you are happy to wait, it will also add to the mood. Photo: Depositphotos And important times in a week to change all of that figures to change places on the desktop and on the wall to change the picture to the brain was not used to the same pattern and not get bored. Method 2 — think about your health, you Also need to make sure that your body was a pleasure to be all day at work: buy your chair comfortable pillow or massage cover, if possible, or ask to be given a good office chair in which to sit comfortably without harm to health. In office take off your shoes and wear house Slippers to the skin on the feet breathing and shoes not squeezed bliss. Can also buy massage Mat for feet. Photo: Depositphotos Method 3 — save your time it Often happens that unexpectedly there are tasks with higher priority, and you have not made previous. This accumulation of tasks is depressing and creates the effect of load is too large. This was not the right time management — technology management your time. Shall describe its tasks, prioritize in descending order and do first the most unpleasant, because in the morning you have more energy and patience. Also watch where your time goes — keep a record of how much time was spent on Smoking, coffee, a conversation with colleagues. Can install on a working computer program for taking the time to watch what goes on while working on the computer. Method 4 — ratification Ratification is a technique of approval of any actions performed by an object. For example, the trainers give the animals something delicious as a reward for the team. You can also "train" your body to more effectively perform tasks. For example: Telephoned 10 client — can you eat a piece of cake or candy.Successfully negotiated was a break for 10 minutes with a Cup of tea.Printed 10 pages of text ate a piece of chocolate. The harder and more unpleasant a task, the more ratification. After these approvals you will notice how happy and more effectively perform routine tasks. Lilly Martin Spencer, "dog"Photo: Method 5 — good relations with the staff of the environment affects our psychological state and, consequently, on our work. When a team friendly atmosphere, it is much nicer to work in breaks to relax and talk to colleagues about unrelated matters. But not always and not all can have a friendly relationship, so it is important to maintain neutrality and to resolve conflicts by peaceful means, resorting to compromises. It is important to communicate with colleagues, to find common interests and Hobbies. The best tool to defuse a tense atmosphere in the middle of the day is humor. Can tell new colleagues joke, joke on a neutral topic or just to send corporate email or chat positive picture. These tips will help you brighten up working days and to go to work not reluctantly but with joy, anticipating a fun day and meet the friendly team....

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