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What to do if your Bank card blocked? :.: Article 28.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Bank card — a thing very convenient and useful, but it carries the invisible threat to your money. Because at any time the card can be blocked. And, unfortunately, the problem is not a defective ATM. Why your Bank account and card linked to it can be blocked and what to do in this case — you will learn from this article. Bank cards have become part of our life, but the habit of relying on the card may render you bad service, leaving you with no money at the most inopportune moment. The fact that by law the banks have the full right to suspend your account or stop the supply operation if they suspect illegality of the transaction. To protest and to be indignant in this situation is meaningless — you need to remain calm and follow the plan... 1. You are under suspicion! If your account is blocked, you will have to learn to "play by the rules" because you were under law No. 115-FZ "On counteraction to legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way and financing of terrorism". Even if you're a housewife or a respected school teacher, do not expect that you believe in the word. To have your account unlocked, you will have to use not only all his eloquence, but knowledge. 2. Examine the law Photo: JESHOOTS-com the Bank it does not matter how much money you have in the account and the last is money or not. Because from this moment on you are no longer a customer of the Bank, the convenience of which concerned, as a potential criminal (and a huge threat for the Bank). First, study section 6.1. law 115-FZ. Carefully read the criteria adopted to highlight suspicious transactions (they will be listed in the guidelines of the Central Bank of Russia): the Bank attaches particular importance to how you use your card. Starting with how often you withdraw cash and make transfers, and ending deductions from your business and pay the rent. Any operation that you think are completely harmless, the Bank might look suspicious (because he is obliged to follow strictly the letter of the law). 3. Re-read your contract with the Bank at Least in words we have a "customer is always right", in fact far from it. Always right Bank. And make sure that you can if you re-read your contract with him. It indicates that the Bank has the full right to suspend your account. Photo: Depositphotos 4. Prepare supporting documents To unlock the account you will be asked to bring a pile of papers, ranging from income and ending with the pedigree of your dog. When you do this you immediately will be able to know what is required of you (usually you have to repeatedly go to the Bank, gradually learning what you need to carry in my defense). 5. You will provoke In such situations, the Bank is much more profitable, if you lose it, clear the remaining funds and go away forever. Thus, you automatically confirm the criminality of their actions, and the Bank will not be with you hassle. To avoid this, do not get fooled by provocations and be sure he is right.The Bank is obliged to "handle" the case. As long as everything was strictly according to the law. 6. To control the situation you'll have Photo: Depositphotos Directly to the financial control Department to communicate with you will not, and it is from them and depends on successful resolution of your case. All negotiations will go through "the messenger" — petty clerk Manager. For him, this situation is no less new, than for you, and he simply may not know all the nuances. Therefore, do not rely on the professionalism of Bank staff and monitor all the events themselves, periodically calling to call center and reminding yourself. 7. Never give up the Solution of this problem should not be delayed more than a month. Ideally, the Bank is able to unlock the card in one day, but sometimes the case is delayed. In addition, even if you scared lock the full card and all the transactions, do not be lazy to clarify whether this is so. It is possible that you have blocked only the possibility to withdraw cash. 8. Losing money is not the worst in this situation is Much worse that if you put your hands down and agree to let it go, your name will contribute in the "black list", will lose the right to open accounts in the Bank, but still give information to other banks. Therefore it is better to gain strength and to achieve unlocking, than to bite your elbows. Just do whatever you need to absolve himself of the charge....

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