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A holiday in Croatia. What begins Paradise? :.: Article 28.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Why I'm always drawn back here, because there are still so many unexplored places, countries and continents? And a holiday in Croatia is not the budget, comparable with Italy. And the Adriatic sea is, in the, in another country, and even in beautiful Montenegro, which is also good and much cheaper. But there's something irresistible resulting in the striking beauty of the Croatian coast, where the dark blue strip of the Adriatic sea, smoothly into the blue, turquoise colors, then the color Indigo. And the smell of cypress trees and warmed by the sun of the local pine trees with very long bright green soft needles, mingling with the smell of blooming oleanders and sea, impossible to describe. The pier Minifoto: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive, it seems to Me that the air here should be cut into pieces such as cubes, conserve and to sell for hard currency. Slushy in winter, they could just breathe and enjoy. I compared the town with the previously visited places — he reminds Crimea Miskhor and Gaspra, both. I mean the air, mixed with smells of the sea, pine trees and cypresses, useful for people who have problems with asthma. And not only for them. Loving the Crimea will understand me. Mlini In Mlini, Dubrovnik Riviera, situated fifteen minutes drive from the famous historic town, we arrived once through a tour operator, as it was easier to buy seats on low-cost Charter flight in Tivat airport. The fact that Dubrovnik has its own airport, and from Tivat, located on the territory of Montenegro, the Shuttle service will last half an hour and cost almost as much as a plane ticket, I had no idea. Meekly agreed with her husband to two meals a day and was bound hand and foot pure beach holiday on the sea with the only hotel Astarea. Got out, except of Dubrovnik, except on mandatory for tourists fish picnic, where painted in red and black "pirate" Carabela travelers was as sprat in the Bank. It was hard to move, to wield a fork in a plastic plate, cutting up a fish full of bones. I failed to know her name in Russian, because the guide-polyglot led the tour in all languages, which belonged to the tourism offer in Romanian, then the same in Croatian, English, Russian, German, etc. are Familiar to many in Turkey, Egypt and Montenegro. Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive Here in the sea flows into a mountain stream Zavrele. Thanks to her, in the Middle of the century fresh water was delivered in barrels to Dubrovnik, and from there provided to an entire region of Župa Dubrovačka. In the old days along the river, close to one another, stood water-mills. Because of them, the town got its name: mlini in Croatian, like in Ukrainian, means "mill". The population of the town — about a thousand people, virtually all engaged in the tourism business. Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive walking along the promenade Mlini little, I checked out the local villas and beaches and ever dreamed to come here in an unorganized way. That this Swallows nest rent rooms (sobe) with kitchen (kuhinjom), and a little higher up, apartments are even cheaper, as they are located farther from the sea. It is unclear at what point, at what tree Mlini flows in the same small resort centre of Mlini. In Mlini and Srebreno beaches, covered with small pebbles, smoothly at a depth of one meter in soft sand. The water is clear at any time of the day, clearly visible, where better to go on the sand between the stones. White plastic deck chairs — paid, and prices "pokazyvayutsya", but you can safely lay on the fallen needles of the pine needles soft towel or Mat. But umbrellas do not have to pay — pine, svetimas over the sea, give free thick shadow. And score a place to Park early in the morning is not necessary, on the beaches always have enough space and room for personal comfort. And smokers in designated areas at the urn away from the sea. "My beast"Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive, And now three years later I was back here. A Villa found on the booking, the flight to Dubrovnik — on the kiwi website, so we ended up visiting the wonderful Danielle on the eponymous Villa. Soon our family became herself a charming hostess, and her wonderful husband, Blaise, then spoke neither Russian nor English. But since Slavic languages are similar, he easily found common language with my husband. There were other family members — the sons of the owners, three kittens and security Mr. roney, a huge black dog noble-looking suit. Mission DOMO and bodyguard Roni performs out of hand, but in Croatia, in small towns theft is not thriving. Flying from the balcony from the wind things properly returned to the owners and their guests, on the beaches quietly you could leave it, except that the wallet would be safer to wear it. Guests were very mixed in age and country of residence. Villa 8 rooms apart from us lived a couple and family in the UK, Sweden, us and Germany. One Swede holds the vacation from year to year for a month or more, periodically acquiring children and grandchildren for which you have to search for vacant places to neighbouring villas. And newcomers first clamped, and it is natural. But after half an hour start to relax and socialize: one of the "seasoned" already hospitably pours them coffee kitchen on one of the terraces General, others offer cheese, fruit, while the owners in the rush to prepare the room. Then we exchange impressions of the city, tips on how to get to Dubrovnik or the more luxurious and exciting in the evenings than Mlini, Cavtat. Usually the first time people reach the sea, catarci depart from the pier every 20 minutes, right on schedule as the trains. Then, considering the money all think it's not the most budget option, and travel by modern buses with air conditioning (20 Kuna, or 2.7 Euro per person one way). The bus № 10 links Cavtat with Dubrovnik, Mlini is situated just in the middle. The bus leaves every half hour and it has a wonderful view of the coast. Souvenirs are much cheaper to buy in Cavtat, than filled with tourists from around the world Dubrovnik. It was for my husband and one of the best sea resorts — complete relaxation, air, seafood, travel, communication. The view from cataratto: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive this year, it would be possible in another place to go, but I started having problems with the allergist several months, hardly moving, not yet recovered the level of thyroid hormones. When I realized that life again, I did not want to go, only in Mlini to the sea and Danielle. My best medicine was iodine, sea air and seafood. And, of course, emotions with a plus-plus. The husband did not resist, he himself really liked this place and be charged to the owners was bypassing the booking, which significantly reduced the price. During the year the town has grown. Grew a new four - and five-star hotels, built a huge Mall — supermarket and shopping centre where you can buy almost everything and not every day is spent in seaside cafes. Just make a reservation: prices in cafes and restaurants in Croatia are not very encouraging. However, as in Italy, France and other European countries is not cheap, especially on the coast. Cavtat "Illyrian Epidaurus founded around the VI century BC by immigrants from Epidaurus in the Peloponnese. In the Roman era in 228 BC, the city's name was changed to the Latinized, and it was known as Epidaurum or Epidaurus. During the civil war in Ancient Rome in 47 BC, Marcus Octavius besieged the city, but was defeated by the fleet of Publius Vatine". (Wikipedia) Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive, This historic Croatian resort city is located on two peninsulas Rat and Sustjepan, which can be bypassed in about two hours, moving to parkland. If Mlini beach is a gentle and water to enter easily, in Cavtat are many beaches for all tastes: small pebbles, big pebbles, expensive and cheap sun loungers and cafes on the beaches. And there are coves, to which we must descend along the rocky stones and you will be the only inhabitants of the private beach, admire sea stars, and extreme sea urchins. Because of them and the sharp rocks wearing a rubber shoes but I was barefoot and well, sort of a natural path, is useful for muscles and nerves. Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, a personal archive On the waterfront of Cavtat, where you can catch huge yachts and boats of all flags, all the walking with a waffle ice cream cones, it's like a business card of the city. And here the mass of stalls and small shops where you can buy summer outfits and Souvenirs. For example, natural homemade soap with rosemary, olive, Magnolia, lavender and a dozen different kinds of plants. Often buy the colorful local tableware products and decorations, some of them look Turkish influence of the Ottoman Empire.

I bought as gifts for loved ones more beautiful sets of honey from different regions of Dalmatia, aromatic essential oils and pads with herbs. Wine Well, what is Dalmatia without wine? Although, frankly, the Croatian white and red wines sold in supermarkets, not the best in Europe. But today, when there was such a thing as a gastronomic tour, it was fun. We went to the mountains on the grape farm village Vodopic where tasted local wines. They belong to the category of messes, and quality, i.e. quality wines. Each year, the farmers send their wine for certification in Dubrovnik, and from the local lab they send the certificate and the labels for the bottles. Because the farm can not feed, but rather, drink the entire Riviera, she enters into a contract on the supply of wine with some cafe. Grape vines fermatta: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive, These wines are served to the wedding, anniversaries and other holidays. Although tastings are served different kinds of prosciutto (Italian ham) and cheese, from goat cheese to home, guests are requested not to eat — waiting for them in dinner. After tasting the cheerful guests buy a bottle or two of wine Rose (one-tenth of dry red, the rest white wine two years of exposure) and local Malvasia. Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, the personal archive After tasting tourists are driven up to the mountains in a small family house, designed by only 11 beds. But the ridge and the main form of income for owners are not handed over room, and special kitchen. Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, the personal archive Is a family business, which involved almost all 18 members of the family — from mom owner, she's a chef, to children aged 10 years: the tray of bread, help to wipe the dishes, learning to speak with guests in English and German. This requires the parent business, is that in addition to their mother, speaking good English, all the family members to communicate only in Croatian. Photo: Natalia Nechaeva, personal archive the pearl of the Riviera, to discover which come to these places millions of tourists, the walled city of Dubrovnik, I decided not to write. Hundreds of guides on the Internet will make it better and more. Not to mention the stunning photographs of this unique historic center that survived several wars and survived. The city is surrounded by a tall wall and buildings of the XIV—XVIII centuries. cow classified as world heritage by UNESCO. As in Turkey, there certainly have been each and every took their impression from the Old town with its huge walls, along which, trying to stay on the narrow stairs, carefully moving risk-takers. The pleasure is worth the money — 140 kunas, or 20 euros per person. But what a view of the sea, Lokrum island and the fortress of St. Lawrence it offers! ...

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