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Stiga SP 680

All about chainsaws 24.09.2019 at 13:18

All about chainsaws, their device and related materials and equipment

This model is well established in our country. Its characteristics and design features make the chainsaw a great choice for our climate. The unit has a switch on the air intake and also has the function of warming up the carb. During the movement of warm air stream directed to the air filter and passes through the channel, which is located near the carburetor that allows you to transfer in his heat. To check the air filter and spark the chainsaw operator will not have to use any additional tools. For the manufacture of filter uses a thin nylon mesh. It is located on a solid frame.

the model of the Stiga SP 680 applies to professional equipment. It can be used by experienced users and designers who follow the latest trends, offer automated management. The master remains to regulate a single button. To fix poluhas in manual mode and control the shutter. The user can select one of three fixed positions. To turn on the ignition uses a separate key. There are great opportunities for the independent management is to ensure that the launch of the model will occur without problems even in extreme situations.

the Unusual location of the regulating screw, which is responsible for managing the oil pump. It is not in the bottom as other models, and the top. For this reason, its rotation is possible without using a separate screwdriver that provides additional comfort, as this tool is not always at hand. The situation can be changed by hand, corrections can be made at any time. The chain tensioner is executed in the traditional form. To clamp the bus is used by the wrench mount.

the Brake is in the interior of the housing. Such a provision provides protection against penetration of dust and moisture at the time when the equipment stops. This is especially important in winter, as the mass of sawdust can cause corrosion. Chainsaw equipped with anti-vibration system. Stick complemented by rubber gaskets that separate them from the motor. Model Stiga SP 680 has a removable metal stops. For the manufacture of epeoloides also used metal. This element can be removed if necessary.

the test Results

Chainsaw is not equipped with a primer. So the user will need to spin the motor several times, which will allow you to pump up the fuel mixture. At the time of scrolling it is important to keep the flap closed. In practice, this procedure is not as complex as it might seem at first glance, given the large volumes of the motor chainsaw. At the same time, beginners need to be prepared for the fact that the resistance of the starter cord will be quite significant. Until the fuel got to the cylinders it should be tightened slowly. Subsequently, you can increase the intensity to the first flash. When the user hears the distinctive sound of this, it is possible to open the choke and pull to start the engine. Re-starting a hot engine occurs without complications.

Stiga SP 680 showed an excellent capacity. During the cutting operation it acts quickly and efficiently. To obtain precision cuts can be along and across the grain. While the frame saw shows a tendency to return, but after a small recess in the material of such signals disappear. Power allows you to deal with the bucking of wood. The equipment will help in preparing a large quantity of firewood. At the same time to cut branches with it difficult. The chain brake is triggered at the moment of pressing on the shield.

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