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Chainsaw Craftsman 35022

All about chainsaws 24.09.2019 at 13:22

All about chainsaws, their device and related materials and equipment

Each model of chainsaw from Craftsman has its own characteristics. If we talk about this chainsaw, you will notice a disproportionately long bus, which reaches a half meters. Even just holding the product in hand, the buyer understands that they are serious machines. For the manufacture of equipment used metals. Cover, brake and engine made of this material, which ensure their durability and functionality. The difference from older models is the presence of an additional cap which allows access to the air filter or spark plugs. At the same time to access them you will need to use a screwdriver as the cover is fixed to a screw fixing. To remove it you have on as often as supplemented chainsaw air filter and its clogging is a quite rare phenomenon. This contributes to centrifugal pre-cleaning of a stream that is fed to the engine. Prolonged testing showed that the filter dirty very slowly.

in the manufacture of epeoloides aluminum is used. This element can be replaced in operation process. Emphasis is made of metal and can be removed if necessary. Equipment saws deserves further attention. It includes a plastic case that provides easy storage and transportation and has a capacity for engine and chain oil.

the test Results

the Equipment allows you to engage in felling and bucking trees. It is suitable in the case when heating or garden requires a large amount of harvested wood. At the same time use it for small icons of the branches is unlikely, since its mass is high enough. The launch is the standard scheme. You must close the choke and use a primer, and then start the starter and the equipment emits a corresponding sound signals. Hearing a muffled popping, place the control valve in the middle position and pull the lever again to the motor is running. The starter does not accidentally supplemented by an additional spring. With its help it is possible to facilitate the launch of a powerful 55-CC engine.

to Work with a chainsaw it turns quickly. She is coping with logs of standard size without sacrificing speed. To download saw the full, you need to pick up a log the entire length of its cutting edge, that is 20-25 inches, which at hand are rare. Longitudinal sawing using this model shows less impressive results. Equipment reduced turnover, and additional pressure may lead to a stop of rotation of the tire.

the Braking system of the chainsaw works flawlessly. The equipment operates in contact and inertional mode. Brake application occurs at the moment of danger would kick back. To check the idle enough to keep the saw by the rear handle and easy to hit it by the end of the beam, so that the brake is activated

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