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Which Stihl chainsaw to buy?

All about chainsaws 24.09.2019 at 13:35

All about chainsaws, their device and related materials and equipment

This brand is well established in the market, so buyers can easily find equipment that will provide comfort, safety and high speed during operation. The company produces chainsaws in all three varieties, ranging from compact to large farms and professional, who have a relatively high weight. The consumer class is specially designed to meet the needs of most buyers. In a private home it will allow you to process boards or to care for the trees. Chainsaw will be indispensable to fight the dead wood or cut wood for firewood. If in the country there is a bath, then without such a chainsaw just won't do. Its capacity is 2.7 HP, and the bus usually does not exceed 35 cm. This design allows to reduce the weight to 5 kg, which makes work easier for professionals.

as for home application read more chainsaw, then Stihl is a whole range of relevant models under the name of MS. They have a good balance. The easiest, and therefore suitable for beginners, are models T 193, 201 TC-M. Their weight is about 2.5 kg. They are excellent for those who need equipment to care for the garden. At the same time, for consumers, they can seem quite expensive. The reason is that they are made for professionals who are engaged in cutting of trees at high altitude or care for gardens. For domestic purposes it is better to use the following models of the line:

170, 180 180 C-BE 181, 211. Read more about chainsaws MS series

Chainsaw MS 170 is a great choice for owners of small gardens. It will allow you to perform common tasks in the garden or at their summer cottage. Model you can take with you to prepare the place for an active holiday.

the MS 180 is the flagship. Sales show her popularity. It provides a full range of work in the household. At the same time for daily tasks, it may seem a bit weak. Serious miscalculation, in the opinion of professionals, is the use of a regular air filter. It is required to be changed regularly. It is recommended to replace several times a year, but replacement element budget, so will not burden the family material. Breakdowns usually occur because of the fact that users forget about the need to monitor the condition of the air filter. This leads to rapid wear of the rings and other defects.

the MS 180 C-BE is an improved version of the previous version. It has lightened the tension of the cable, so the engine compression will remain invisible to the user. This option can be called perfect for women and men. To remove the cover without the screwdriver, which significantly facilitates operation.

MS 181 is different from the previous one that meets at the American factory. In terms of functionality it is significantly superior to alternatives, as has a new air filter. When designing the propulsion group used innovative technology. The carburetor has three screws for adjustment that allows you to increase the power if necessary.Different from MS 211 chainsaw MS 181 using a more powerful motor.

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