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What shoes will fit to the blue dress: how to create stylish images 25.09.2019 at 01:27

Dress – the most feminine part of the wardrobe. This outfit is able to best highlight the features and advantages of the figure. Therefore in the Arsenal lady should have a few for different occasions, occasions and moods. A variety of colors and styles allows the woman to disclose themselves and Express their individuality.

This outfit is a basic item in your wardrobe. What shoes will fit to the blue dress – this question is quite relevant. Because the toilet at the same time rigorous and exciting, elegant and romantic. Its exquisite restraint and cool mystery will be equally harmonious in images of middle-aged ladies and very young ladies. Outfit that color will compliment any figure, attract attention and delay on his view of the opposite sex. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a grain of boredom, routine and trivial.

, Regardless of color type that belongs to a woman, this garment is flattering to the skin tone and hair, filling them with a special radiance. To pick up shoes dress blue is not difficult. The tone is unpretentious and relaxed, it is harmonious in combinations not only with shoes other shades, but with clothes in different styles and colors. He is extremely attractive not only for the fairer sex but also for designers. This is because the number of shades of blue allows you to experiment with styles, length, decor, shoes and accessories.

There are classic versions of what shoes to match blue dress. A variety of models and colors will create an interesting dramatic bows in the business and evening style. The materials that these shoes are also able to set off the texture and shade of toilet tissue, giving the garment a finished and refined look. Annually designers on the fashion runways showing new color options as well as options which you can select shoes for a blue dress.

Should listen to the advice of experts when selecting them under this outfit. Initially, attention should be paid to pairs of the same tone as the clothing. A good choice would be shoes, a few shades different from the color of the toilet in one direction or another. Deciding what shoes to match blue dress, it is important to consider a cold or warm palette, apply the selected shade. For example, to warm "Prussian blue" suit of blue-grey, and the cold Royal sapphire or dark blue pair.

the Classic tandem of shoes and clothes

Synonyms of the word "classic" can be considered as the terms "nobility" and "sophistication". If a lady has conceived this image, you should choose models of shoes to a blue dress, given traditional outfits colors. So, if the lady decided to emphasize the slimness and length of the legs should stay on the concise pumps beige with high heels and the outfit on the figure to the knee.

Dark blue and black is the best choice of shoes to go with a blue dress out of knit fabric. The outfit with them to make the best with clothing tone on tone, or choose a darker tone. Black pumps are a versatile addition to the outfit of any shade.

To products of dense fabrics made of cashmere or wool suit pairs on average oelstrom heel model boat dark brown. Choosing shoes for a blue dress made of natural fabrics for the warm season, you should get the options of white and grey shades.

color Harmony — a combination of blue

Not all fashionistas like tradition. Many of them love to break them and create spectacular images with shoes in bright colors. They want to draw attention to themselves in pairs of red, yellow, turquoise and other shades.

Rules blue dress what shoes to wear, does not exclude its combination with pairs in contrasting shades. The "temperature" of colors of clothing must match with the selected pair. For example, if the tone of the outfit is cold, it will go well with red shoes scarlet shades. This same axiom applies to the colors:

cherry; purple, lavender; mint.

Brown, mustard or yellow – variants of which shoes fit the blue dress is a warm color.

it is Not necessary to ignore the Golden-silver palette. Such pairs allow you to create glamorous looks from the clothes models. Mix outfit you with shoes of almost all colours, adding accessories in a color.

Styles of blue dress is a popular model

Huge variety of models of dresses blue hue allows you to create all kinds of bows with them. To decide which shoes to pick to the blue dress of a particular style, succeed, looking, for example, photos of fashion shows in popular magazines. Designers offer choices of models of such clothes for all occasions.

in addition to the formal evening, cocktail, casual, sports, business, there are many styles of dresses of this shade. Among the existing varieties:

case; Polo; shirt; kimono; cylinder.

Ladies can pick up shoes dress blue with a smell or culottes.

Stylists every year inventing new variations of well-known styles. Add to them a new eye-catching elements. Equally luxurious look evening dresses model Princess with skirts, sequins and lace, strict business toilets with simple tailoring and simple outfits style sundress.

the Shoe Selection considerations

if you are Going to create an ensemble with a blue dress what shoes to wear it not only depends on the tone of the outfit and the shoes. When choosing an important clothing length, its material, the presence or absence of decoration. Ladies who prefer high heels can feel free to form outfit with pairs of heels and wedges.

Deciding how to do the more delicate lace blue dress what shoes to wear it in a romantic tandem, you can stop at a light shade of turquoise and high heels. The best material of the Shoe acts as a natural skin. Good lacquered versions, as well as velvet and suede.

Low heel or a lack of models of shoes in the ensemble with a dress appropriate for summer looks. Ballet flats or loafers contrasting colors – the best selection of stylish ladies. The answer to the question what shoes will fit to the blue dress if it is designed for walking, will be the choice of the model "Mary Jane" flats with strap.

Accessories is an important part of the image

the versatility of the color of the dress allows you to pick up under his shoes in almost all shades of the spectrum. It is only important for her to find accessories in this color scheme. The range of such items is extremely wide. It can be handbags, jewelry, decorations and other elements.

Pearls, silver, diamonds and gold and undoubtedly the best accessory when you need to pick up shoes dress blue. His nobility and restrained elegance perfectly in tune with the brilliance of jewels. Handbags or sunglasses you can pick up in one toning the palette or on the principle of contrast, but in harmony with the tone of shoes.

Red, white, yellow and even green — what shoes to match blue dress will not be a problem if you add in the way emphasis is the appropriate tone. Jackets, scarves, hats, rings and bracelets should look expensive and stylish. In this case, a similar outfit will look elegant and stylish.

Stylish outfit – how to create them,

when Deciding what shoes will fit to the blue dress, is to determine, in a Duo they will participate. Most harmoniously formed with the clothing business, casual images, formal bows. It is possible to create a romantic, seafood, cocktail and other types of them.

solemn look perfect options, if you managed to seamlessly pick up shoes dress blue. Clothes in the floor of the shade is invisible, and versions mini and MIDI perfectly demonstrate such harmony. Monochromatic or contrasting shoes will help create an impressive bold look.

Everyday images, it is also possible to mix, defining blue dress what shoes to wear. Important final role play accessories that match the Shoe in color and style. Accordingly, if it can be belts, belts, sunglasses, bags or other items. Calm and concise hue of clothing capable of making elegant, even casual bow.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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