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The new game with pictures and the signs by which the neural network learns different countries

Blog Yandex 24.09.2019 at 12:40

Blog Yandex

We made the game for travelers and scholars — it is necessary to guess the country on pictures uploaded by the users on Yandex.Card. If you have deja vu, it's because in the spring we did a similar game, only about the Russian city. Our colleagues already had time to play the new version, saying that it was easier and more interesting. To distinguish Italy from Iceland's still easier than Kursk Voronezh.

As in the game of city guessing the countries you will compete Alice. To compete with the people, by the way, is also possible: on the last screen there is a button "challenge friends".

the last time we have talked about how Alice finds out city. With countries it is exactly the same. In short, we took pictures with Yandex.Cards and divided them into two groups. Photos from the first group showed the neural network, telling where you took each picture. After reviewing thousands of photos, a neural network got a picture of each country that is self-identified combinations of features, which you can see the country. The second group of pictures we use in the game, their Alice is not seen in the game does not remember.

About people more or less clear how they guess: recognize places seen in travel or the movies, rely on General knowledge and common sense. Neural networks have nothing. We became interested to see what details in the pictures tell her the answer. To find them, we highlight the most informative for the neural network region of the images. To do this, we cut the photo into small squares, and repeated the learning process — now on these fragments. Then the neural network showed the pieces of the pictures she saw. In most cases, it missed, but some fragments with certainty identified. So now we know which parts of the frame contains information that is crucial for the neural network, and can see what they got. For example, the Netherlands she finds out a combination of dark brick walls and white outlines of the Windows. Iran — by the characteristic arches and ornaments on the facades.

Alice playing very well, but you have the advantage: we have not trained a neural network to recognize numbers of cars, the texts of signs or other flags of the States. And, of course, to be fair, forbade Alice to peep into the database Yandex.Images looking for pictures like these.

to Start the game.

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