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The state Duma has explained when to go on vacation

Question - answer - Legal advice 23.09.2019 at 09:39

Question - answer - Legal advice

The material in the end of last week appeared on the official website of the lower house of Parliament. So, the most beneficial in material terms is the use of paid annual leave in the month with the highest number of working days (in this case, holiday pay close to the salary). Also beneficial to take as many vacation days at once with the capture of the weekend. "Vacation for weekend pay, and a salary isn't present", – emphasized in the material. If you take a vacation in a month, in which few working days (may, January), it will be less beneficial financially, but it will be able to increase the relaxation time due to the holiday weekend. However, if a vacation captures the festive day, it is not included in the release and postponed to the next working day after the holiday. Also explains the General use of vacation, regarding: duration of holidays (annual paid holiday is 28 calendar days, not counting the additional leave that may be granted to the employee upon the employer's decision); division of holiday into parts (the leave may be divided into parts, but one of these parts must be not less than 14 days); the use of vacation a new employee (if the employee only has a job, then, as a General rule, he can take a vacation in six months, but sometimes employers meet the employees and let them go on vacation before – for example, if you have purchased tickets and booked a hotel); the term of payment of holiday pay (employer must pay the employee vacation pay not later than three days before the start of the leave); vacation payment calculation, including the formula for their calculation (vacation pay are considered on the basis of average daily earnings in the reporting year or the period worked, if the employee has worked less than one year).