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Furry alarm clock

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers 29.09.2019 at 14:43

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers

Repair the house. In this regard, I sleep in the attic while his wife and children in the basement because it's cooler. My cat named "Fluffy", in connection with the absence of his wife at night, next to me, sleeps on my bed.

early in the morning If I woke the wife (sleep soundly, the alarm can't hear), now this function was adopted by the cat. As soon as the alarm clock rings, it is suitable to my legs and starts gently poterpyat legs if this does not help, then begins to lick (the language of cats is rough, like sandpaper).

One evening sit and have dinner, I have to get up early, around 6. Fluff eats its time to buy.