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Photo shoot 20 years of marriage

Wedding and family photographer 24.09.2019 at 09:13

Michael noses

That year again and again that one of the best gift ideas for wedding anniversary is a family or Love story photosession. All the same date, but a new you, a new phase of your life together and a new level of feelings.

Eugene and Tatyana captured the 20th anniversary of their marriage in one of the picturesque cafes on the embankment of the Volga.

This allowed us to replace some very atmospheric locations.

it's Hard to believe, but this beautiful couple have three children. The younger son graced the photo shoot parents. Children to the photo shoot I attract during the entire time of shooting, and when they themselves are ready: as a rule, initially they are looking at, watching my parents and my job, and then be happy themselves being asked to frame. And when it is by mutual desire, the result is beautiful!

Tatyana and Eugene premeditate their images: elegant suit for him, gentle dress for her. We had a change of image for Tatiana , because photos have turned out different and in the same style.

Professional makeup and styling is a huge plus for any photoshoot. They not only transform the appearance but also give your confidence. Believe me, you have spent money and time are worth it.

Each wedding anniversary has its own name: paper, glass, gold. You can beat the actual option for you, using the attributes of the desired material.

20 years — porcelain wedding.

But we decided not to restrict yourself to this and most of the shooting held in the style of Love story.

the Photoshoot was dedicated to the solemn celebration in the cafe were invited guests, wonderfully decorated place, donated all the flowers. However, we did photos with each guest individually — after all, this holiday belongs to only two, then, and in the centre of the photo shoot was supposed to be only them.

That hooked me is incredibly anxious and tender attitude to each other Eugene and Tatiana. Such views, touch is impossible to play. They blossom and are strengthened for the lived joint years in patience, wisdom, frugality relative to each other in sincere love.

I'm sure these photos will take a worthy place in the family album of the family.

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