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Time to collect cashback. Why banks have become so disloyal themes of the day 26.09.2019 at 21:01

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VTB refused kesbeke abroad. Other players change the conditions of loyalty programs are increasingly offering instead of cash bonuses or points. Cashback a thing of the past?

VTB changing conditions in kessaku. From 1 October, the Bank cancels cashback spending abroad and sets forth the terms of the bonus. The reason is Europe's payment systems Visa and Mastercard lowered the interchange fees (the Commission, which shops pay to banks) for card transactions. The bonuses on the cards of VTB, which had previously been perpetual, will burn a year after their accrual. Another new condition of a transaction or operation in the account for six months. Customers Bank explained that "on cross-border transactions (transactions by cards abroad) regardless of the country of purchase will cease to accrue loyalty bonuses". To make purchases in online stores and apps of cashback will continue to operate.

the Other players promise not to cancel cashback abroad, but adjust it. In particular, banks have started instead of kesbeke actively offer the accumulation of bonuses or points, the expert in Bank card Olga Stanchak. The bonuses or the points can be spent partners or to reimburse them the cost of a purchase made earlier. "Some banks are additionally able to convert the bonuses into rubles at the exchange rate of the Bank and to the accrual of kesbeke cash after a settlement period," says Stanchak.

According to her, the banks also began to reduce the period of validity of the accrued rewards to encourage inactive customers to make additional purchases to increase and keep the bonuses and points.

the Banks are really starting to "tighten" the conditions of kesbeke, says the head of retail business Alfa Bank Michael Touch. "Cashback — a significant expenditure component, and it was good for many as the opportunity for explosive growth promotion of a product," said Tach, adding that before the end of the year Alfa-Bank terms and conditions for this option no plans to change.

That are now offered by banks

Credit institution for obvious reasons do not advertise the changes. But over the past year, several major players have replaced getting kesbeke for bonus points. As previously reported, the Bank "Opening" and Promsvyazbank has canceled the release of cards for which a percentage of the amount spent back in rubles. This "Smart Card" Bank "Opening" and PSB All Inclusive card.

Now banks offer cards with bonus kasbeam, which can be converted into rubles at a certain rate. The conditions of obtaining the maximum of kesbeke are becoming more cunning. For example, the map Opencard Bank "Opening" maximum cashback could reach 11% if total spending per purchase is 5 thousand rubles per month, payments in the mobile Bank — from 1 thousand roubles a month and, finally, the minimum total balance on the card — from 100 thousand rubles.

Bonus system and PSB offers. In August, the credit institution changed its terms of scoring on the credit card "Double cashback" — scoring is now done when the amount of the purchases on the card of 10 thousand rubles. On the cards rewards program Orange Premium Club receive 5% only for a selected participant category. Cashback of 10% is charged if the selected category of "cashback 5%" and the purchase amount is 80 thousand rubles a month, said the head of group on development of loyalty programs Promsvyazbank Sergey Olegov.

the Bank "Russian Standard" debit card provided cashback and bonuses of 1% on all purchases, 5% back on purchases in certain categories of goods, 15% on purchases at partners of the Bank.

In Alfa-Bank cashback according to the classical scheme while to get another can. At a special debit card for purchases it is 10% in the category of gas stations, 5% in bars and restaurants, and 1% in other categories. The minimum amount of spending per month is 30 thousand rubles, the maximum amount for kessaku — 5 thousand rubles per month, and the annual fee for card maintenance — 1 990 rubles.

the Conditions on the minimum amount of spending per month and the minimum amount on the card is not only changes in product lines. Banks also limit the duration of the bonuses. For example, in Bank "the Russian Standard" bonuses expire after 24 months from the date of enrollment and after a year, if one year all the cards were not operations. In the "status" cards of the bonus validity is one year if the customer does not use the card, and two, if you do not have exchange points.

Another trend is banks change the categories in which charged higher cashback. "A number of banks standard cashback preserved, but you cannot select popular categories with a high percentage of the money back", — says Stanislav Volkov, managing Director of rating Agency "NKR".

told the head of development of customer loyalty programs home Loan Bank Irina Shapovalova, in July, the Bank revised categories of permanent kesbeke cards "Use", "Space" (issue new cards discontinued) and "Coincidir": introduced 3 percent of cashback in the category "Pharmacies", replacing the category "Travel".

"Many banks started to offer clients categories to choose from once a month or once a quarter. The most in demand from customers of the category "petrol station", "Cafes and restaurants" and "Entertainment". There are also offers of banks, where the fee is returned in the category of greatest spending for the month. The amount of fees may be standard, but may increase based on the total amount of transactions per month," — says the expert Olga Stanchak.

Killer kesbeke is on the way

fuel to the fire add fuel retailers who complain of too high tariffs on acquiring services from banks. The fact that cashback paid from the Commission charged by banks with retail networks. "Currently, the fee for acquiring is 1.5—2.5% of the amount of the payments. Small business, small shops are not very interested in cashless payment, as they even amount to 2% of revenue — a serious blow to profitability. The collection also cheaper to within 1% of the revenue", — says Stanislav Volkov.

In February, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the forum "Business Russia" instructed the government together with the Central Bank to work out measures on reduction of commissions for cashless payments using Bank cards.

to reduce the cost of acquiring, some retailers have already introduced in their stores payment via QR code. This measure could force the banks to cancel cashback, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the head of the group "Tinkoff credit systems" Oliver Hughes. According to him, the QR codes as a method of payment interested in promoting the retailers because it is cheaper than paying by Bank card. "They will improve their economies, but the client did not receive, the banks would suffer, and, accordingly, will be dispelled kesbeke and loyalty programs," said Hughes.

What happens next

Representatives of banks assure that the cut of cashback or give it up don't plan. However, experts predict that the market is waiting for a serious transformation. "Program kesbeke — instrument of struggle for the loyalty of customers, the market is cyclical, says associate Director on Bank ratings Agency "Expert RA" Vyacheslav Putilovsky. The banks, following each other, adjust the level "generosity" of their programs in the direction of improvement or worsening of conditions. Now comes a period of declining generosity, but then a large number of players can re-expand the program and all again".

Olga Stanchak emphasizes that banks are more profitable to charge the customer points, bonus miles, which can be fully and partially to spend only partners. "In the future, banks may refuse the accrual of kesbeke real money" — suggests Stanczak.

Putilov is more radical: in the future, banks can forgo kesbeke, transforming it into other forms of promotion users, he said.