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The cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is $490

MobiDevices – interesting magazine about technology! 29.09.2019 at 13:02

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The Company TechInsights has calculated the cost of the components in the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and compared it with the iPhone XS Max. Thus, the components of the iPhone 11 Pro Max cost $490,5, while the cost of its predecessor amounted to $443. The most expensive component of the "Mistake" turned out to be a triple camera for $73,5. OLED display fell to $66.5, while a year ago in the iPhone XS Max screen costs $80,5 and was the most expensive component of a smartphone. The A13 chipset Apple costs $64. But the battery capacity 3969 mAh is only $10.5 m. Thus, the retail price of the gadget is approximately twice the prices of its components. In the US, iPhone 11 Pro Max can be purchased from $1099 and above, depending on the amount of memory.In fairness, we note that one should not blame Apple for the excessive price markup retail price iPhone 11 Pro Max. So, TechInsights is not included in the calculation of other the cost of production of the smartphone, such as research, patents pending, software development, packaging, accessories, advertising and logistics.