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In Moscow held a closed premiere of the series "TRIAD"

IA "My Altai" 27.09.2019 at 11:45

Information portal Altai Krai and Altai Republic

On 24 September, the restaurant SPETTACOLO in the shopping center "Vremena goda" was held closed presentation of the new series "the TRIAD," written by Daria Gruzevich ("Treason", "Buy me"). "TRIAD" – a Comedy about one man and three pregnant women, which he offers to live together – a rare Russian film, in which lots of clichés about relationships and family life challenged and turned on its head.

the Series was created by Director Dmitry Dyachenko ("what men talk About", "the Last hero"), Daria Grcevich and Semyon Slepakov.

Writer and creative producer Daria Gritsevich: "whatever the situation is – difficult, strange, provocative, strange – always behave decently, to stay human, not to lose face and turn it all the better. This message carries our show. "TRIAD" is worth a look because it's a new type of Comedy – smart, modern, unexpected and brave."

the Main role in "the TRIAD" played Boris Dergachev, who you might remember for "Arrhythmia" Boris Khlebnikov and the TNT series "Olga" and "Concern", and Darya Moroz ("Kept"), Lubov Aksenova ("denied!"), Inga Obadina ("Burn!"), Laura Pitskhelauri ("Poor people"), Timofey Tribunal ("house arrest").

Boris Dergachev: "TRIAD" – about life situations and human position. To make the right choice, you need to think. And if you don't think to get these things. I'm ready with all responsibility to declare – in the "TRIAD" great cast, thank you for this casting Director Tanya Checkoway and Director Dima Dyachenko. Well-written characters. When you are invited to star in the series, the first problem you're facing is a scenario. Here such problem was not. We took pleasure and rejoiced in their work."

Love Aksenov: "For me, the show "the TRIAD", primarily about human relationships. Dasha Grcevich gets right to the point and knows his business, so I agree with her that "TRIAD" is a show about the selection problem. While I haven't seen anything like it. It's an interesting acting, directing and script work. Form of the story is unusual, so curious how the audience will accept the show".

Anastasia Kalashnikova: "show "the TRIAD" – about love, about honesty, about light and about good people. That can happen a problem and is important is not that it happened, but how it will come out. Can't tell who the characters are main: is the story of Shred, and three beautiful women and their friends. A good human story."

Show four episodes of the series was held in an unusual format. "Many of us who work on TNT, tried to watch the first episode of "TRIAD" with spouses and girlfriends. Inside was such that we decided to divide the audience. This is how we save the true opinion about the show" – said at the presentation of a media Manager, Gabriel Gordeev.

this is Why women look "TRIAD" in one room and men in another.

the Prime Minister called for the makers and actors of the series "TRIAD" Daria Grcevich, Boris Dergachev, Daria Moroz, Love Aksenova, Anastasia Kalashnikov, Alexander Pasenchuk, nickname Viper, and Alexander Petrov, Svetlana Ustinova, Yanina Studilina, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Beyonce Miloslavskaya, smoky Mo, ISA Anokhina Yana Koshkina, Timur Batrutdinov, Azamat Musagaliev, Timur karginov, Snejana Samokhina, Sabina Akhmedova and other stars.

Svetlana Ustinova: "the First series of the "TRIAD" I looked in Ivanovo at the festival "PILOT" and came back because I couldn't wait ether, I wanted to know what will happen next with the characters. I congratulate the channel TNT and the entire team of the series, it is a great success. I think it will be a hit, and I'll be happy to watch it".

Yana Koshkina: "the series I was hooked, and I want to know what happens next. Unusual, interesting, funny, sometimes sad, awesome cast! Separate respect the debutante Anastasia Kalashnikova, I first saw her, she's clever – very organic. Very accurate Timofey Tribunal in the role of a psychologist. All that needs to be in a good project, here is the cast and the script and the directing job."

See series "TRIAD", 30 September at 20:00 on TNT!