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Estimated the bite force of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

News of cryptozoology 01.10.2019 at 08:58

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The Researchers did not stop to argue about which had a Tyrannosaurus rex, a huge bipedal carnivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous period. Some experts believe that "lizard" was an active hunter and could chase their prey, while others believe that he ate carrion.

to Answer this and other questions will help a new study published in the journal The Anatomical Record. Scientists analyzed the skull structure of the dinosaur and came to the conclusion that Tyrannosaurus had a hard skull, similar to the one that can be found in modern crocodiles and hyenas. It was different from the "flexible" skulls of birds and some small reptiles.

First, scientists have simulated the movement of the cranial bones of a parrot and a Gecko, and then applied the obtained results to the bones of Tyrannosaurus rex. The researchers came to the conclusion that dinosaur bones are not a very good move during a bite: it gave them the idea that the dinosaur likely was not developed flexible joints.

According to estimates by researchers, the rigidity of the skull of the dinosaur was enough to have a bite force more than seven tons. "According to our estimation, the biggest bite force known members of the species T. rex was 64 thousand Newtons, which can equate to approximately 7.1 tons," — said the head of the team of researchers Ian coast (Ian Cost).

This is substantially higher than those indicators that can be found in earlier assessments: some of the scholars said about the bite force of a Tyrannosaurus rex four tons. The new findings allow to state that the T. Rex could easily crush the bones, causing the victim mortal wounds with a single bite. "Fix the bite force of seven tons at the tips of the teeth during a bite and will get great penetration. No wonder that this monster could break the skin, meat and bones," says mark Norell (Mark Norell) from the American Museum of natural history.

we Can say a Tyrannosaurus bite is about four times stronger than the strongest modern crocodile. Scientists believe that this could be enough for a hypothetical realization of the famous scene from "Jurassic Park" where the dinosaur bites through the passenger cars. However, in real life T. Rex in this case, he could cause himself serious injury.