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Paper comics. "Batman" by Scott Snyder: "the court of Owls" The article 30.09.2019 at 05:21

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If you missed "Batman" from Scott Snyder, here's a great opportunity to fill in the gaps: the best-selling graphic novel about the Dark Knight and one of the best-selling graphic novels in history of the comic book published in the format of an omnibus, bringing together the first two volumes. The morality of this masterpiece are obvious: the owls are not what they seem.

Turn the graphic novel by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo "Batman. The court of Owls"

As is the case with Scott Snyder, his plot is designed on a proven audience, which immediately bring intense action – but to no giveaway, but that in the worst possible light. And whether "the Court of Owls" film, he would, of course, Noir – black-and-white detective, the atmosphere is full of anxiety and night is enhanced by the distorted angles.

This genre is fully consistent with and the culmination of the first part of the story, when Batman, being in captivity, for some time loses his head – and the artist masterfully evokes a feeling of dizziness and readers suddenly turning panels of a comic book upside down. Hitchcock live now, it would be the first candidate for the film adaptation of this novel.

it Seems that researchers in Germany recently found that the majority of bats when flying long distances, oriented in the sunset. That is, they needed twilight to reconcile inner compass. In other words, master Bruce, bats from time to time require a little sunlight to fly straight, with your permission.

Turn the graphic novel by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo "Batman. The court of Owls"

While Snyder is not confined to a banal game of catch-up ("Who is on the run – will catch those who are hidden – find"), and introduces additional narrative story lines, directly with Owls is not related, but devoted to the old enemies of Batman and his newfound comrades.

From the main investigation, for example, the hero distracts Victor Frieze, escaped from Arkham asylum and takes over in the lair of Oswald Cobblepot his guns – and all in order to take revenge on Wayne allegedly stole his frozen lover ("We can still negotiate man-to-man" - "I Assure you, Mr. Wayne, negotiations on the agenda do not appear").

But in the encounter with a Tiger Shark Batman helps an unexpected ally, Harper Rowe, who decided to thank the Dark Knight for the assistance provided to the fateful moment. From the cute heart detail is the appearance of a fleeting but memorable - "godfather gotesco branches of the Ukrainian band" by the name of Luke Wolf. The role of the special for not to mention the fact - it is impossible.

- Master Bruce, I ask you: power claws, their ability to regenerate – for you this means right...

- This means, Alfred, that for once I can play rough.

Turn the graphic novel by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo "Batman. The Court Of Owls"