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Video: the fastest E-Class nineties 29.09.2019 at 05:30

Automotive edition

Already in the distant 1991, if you desperately needed dynamics with Porsche solidity, spaciousness and comfort of Mercedes-Benz, it was quite possible to manage the purchase of only one vehicle. The legendary Mercedes-Benz E 500, not only designed but also assembled by the specialists of Porsche, thanks to a 320-horsepower five-liter V8 could beat a BMW M5. Yes, it was "the Top" as two standard "one hundred and twenty-four", but it was worth it! Today to find the E 500 in good, "nezakonchennoy" condition — a great success. In Europe the price of the "Top" breaks easily 50 thousand euros. And to bring this to Russia, it will still have to clear... but we were able to meet not just good, but in fact with the perfect "Top". Watching together!

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