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The beta version of iOS 13.2 hints at the release of AirPods noise cancelling — the largest website about iPhone, iPad, Mac in Russia 03.10.2019 at 08:30

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AirPods Headphones in the dock

the Rumors surrounding all sides of the Apple, are multiplying every day, giving numerous journalists, fans and other concerned people new food for thought. Sometimes these rumors are not confirmed by anything except the name of the insider who reported, but it also happens that the reason is more weighty evidence and arguments. For example, in the iOS version 13.2 Beta found indirect mention of the new AirPods headphones noise cancelling.

the build of the headphones is listed under the code name B298, and the image is stored in the folder "universal access". Inside is an icon with the headphones, which, apparently, are unannounced version of AirPods with some side panels.

the Screenshot, which enthusiasts pulled from the beta version of iOS 13.2

this is Probably rubberized or silicone adjust pads, need for additional fastening inside the ear. It is believed that they are part of the active noise cancellation. According to code strings found in the beta version of iOS 13.2, headphones will have multiple playback modes, which indirectly may indicate that the headphones have "threshold".

Our Yandex.Zen be read without decoding. Look at the light!

On a possible release window, saying it is still pretty early, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a solid reputation on the part of all, as for Apple, sure, Apple are going to release an updated AirPods or at the end of this year or early next. In any case, there's still a chance that the headphones will show us later this month.

Another interesting point connected with the earphones: their design is strikingly similar to the exterior of the headphones released last month. Then many took them for the billet to another Chinese imitations AirPods, but now that Apple itself is highly opaque hints at the imminent announcement and release is very similar innovations, the question arises: are not those the best "ears" for us zapotal caring Chinese? Even if not, they look very similar, right? At least, many users are already discussing a design like they showed a new live.

Chinese "blanks", very similar to what is depicted in the picture in iOS 13.2 beta

However, not everyone is interested in the appearance of the device. Some are more worried about the other, in not the most flattering vein, commenting on the sound signature of the headphones Apple. Indeed, giving great importance to the design, Apple intentionally forgets "to eat" headphones anything like a decent sound. In fairness it should be noted that the latest model still made a step forward in this respect, but in terms of price and quality is still inferior to other brands. That's why even the owners of iPhone are often preferred by fashionable wireless headset wired model other brands that offer good sound and high-quality communications for much less money.

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