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Bloody 1995: a Former officer of Russian special forces were preparing sabotage in Italy

MComp 03.10.2019 at 07:09

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

A Group of veterans of the army intelligence tried to save Serbia from the NATO bombing.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union collapsed, another country associated socialist regime of Yugoslavia.

the socialist Yugoslavia disintegrated because of ethnic tensions between the different peoples of the country. A huge role in fueling these conflicts have played the NATO countries who are interested in how to lay their hands on the remnants of the Yugoslav industry.

Despite the fact that the regime of Russian President Yeltsin stremilsya "cave" under the view of NATO countries, the Russian leadership remained people interested in the protection of traditional Russia's allies — the Serbs.

in the Spring of 1995, which already could be called "bloody" in Serbia came the legendary Colonel GRU Vladimir Kvachkov. Recapture that time in Afghanistan and Tajikistan Kvachkov arrived in Belgrade in order to prepare Serbian special forces.

Kvachkov and officers of the GRU believed that sooner or later, NATO aircraft begin to bomb Serbia and Belgrade. Take off NATO aircraft it would be most convenient from the territory of Italy. Experienced officers of the GRU, such Kvachkova, it was quite obvious.

Kvachkov and his colleagues, along with Serbs, were busy preparing acts of sabotage in Italy. However, the chief of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic refused from this idea. He believed that will be able to negotiate with NATO and the Americans will not bomb Serbia. Therefore, Kvachkov was forced to return to Moscow.

As shown by the future: Milosevic was wrong. Steady hand the US President has given in 1999 the the order to its air force to bomb the peaceful Belgrade. NATO aircraft were based in Italy. It is possible that Milosevic later bitterly regretted the rejection of rigid ideas Kvachkova, but it was too late.

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