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Resounding failure of the British special forces SAS remembered online

MComp 03.10.2019 at 09:20

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Soldiers the best special forces in the country failed the mission, got lost and almost didn't freeze from the cold.

In early autumn, the official London made a statement about the readiness of joining the British special forces in the Syrian war in order to "restore order in the country." These words, according to many, was purely speculative, however, the users of the Network, however, British politicians remembered what happened the last time a team was on site drugog country.

this is about the incident "Bravo 2-0" — a failed RAID group of British commandos from the Special air service (SAS). This story happened in 1990, the year in Iraq, which was already preparing to invade the forces of the Pro-American coalition. A serious threat to coalition troops has provided the Iraqi SCUD missiles, Soviet-made, and the coalition command has decided to send the enemy in the rear of a task force to destroy rocket launchers. The first RAID was entrusted to the group of British special forces SAS. It was assumed that the group will have to operate in enemy territory offline for 14 days. To destroy the installation, interrupt the communications of the Iraqi army and then go into Syria.

the misadventures of eight brave commandos began after the landing of the helicopter. Almost immediately it became clear that the group received the wrong radio frequency and communicate with the command and patrol coalition aircraft was impossible.

the base camp of the British was discovered by a boy-shepherd, who immediately reported it to her. In case of detection of the group was to immediately try to break through to the South towards Saudi Arabia. But the commander somehow decided to move in the other direction, to Syria. Yes, and for some reason, divided the group into two.

Finally finished off a unit so dangerous to the European soldier, "General frost". In Iraq established uncharacteristic for the region, the night cold. And it turned out that neither the equipment nor the skills of the British special forces do not correspond to the current situation.

Two fighters 2-0 Vravo died from the cold, the rest of the group was so physically exhausted and demoralized that they were unable to provide any resistance to Iraqi troops. As a result, four of the eight (including the commander) were captured, two died from the cold, and one was killed in a gunfight with Iraqis. Syria managed to break only a single soldier Chris Ryan.

In Britain for a long time did not recognize the failure of his best special forces and tried to make it "brutal" history. On the basis of these developments even shot fighter, where the "RAID" group served as heroic.

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