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No airport — no airport building

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 29.09.2019 at 14:01

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

Source: State archive of Sverdlovsk oblast

Remember recently we were talking about train stations? Or rather, that of the railway, appeared in the nineteenth century, penetrated only on the outskirts and in the suburbs of global cities. Look at maps of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia and the world: to the middle of the XX century the city has grown, has absorbed the surrounding villages, and the station was between the centre and the outskirts. And in this connection there was a problem formed railway zones of exclusion, which try to solve the tunnel construction, removal of unused lines or transfer paths under the ground.

similarly, but over a short period of time, appeared in the city airports. Here though Moscow Airport is not an abstract name. On Khodynka field once housed Moscow's first airport — once this place was the outskirts, and now almost the center of the capital. It was the same in other cities, where in the middle of a residential area can meet any street Airfield field severoli houses, and the station was demolished.

the same thing befell the Ekaterinburg airport Uktus, where the old airport left only one building. And that the city may soon lose:

the Only civil airport of the present Ekaterinburg — Koltsovo. But it was not always so — until the eighties South of Sverdlovsk, was the airport Uktus. Then this territory over the town, and here was erected the Botanical area. Then uktussky airport was moved to the South, and in Koltsovo built a second runway, and it became the main city air terminal.

Here is the photo of the seventies of the incumbent airport Uktus. By the way, this photo was found on the website of Pastvu, and it is always great to see there are good provincial pictures, not only Moscow!

Source: Forum Ekaterinburg+Sverdlovsk / Maximus

Meanwhile built South of Yekaterinburg, and the building of the former airport, a few houses and works of civil aviation are surrounded by new neighborhoods. In the second decade they were all threatened with demolition because of plans to build a new bus station. Two years ago it turned out that this is not an empty threat — a few months were all demolished seven houses.

Photo: / Andrew

last year the same fate befell the plant.

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

One of the last remaining structures on site is the former airport Uktus. It has no status of object of cultural heritage — this is only achieve local activists, fearing that the airport of the thirties will repeat the fate of neighbouring buildings. In March, journalists of the local newspaper went to look at a building while it's still worth it. Let's look at what Yekaterinburg can be deprived in the very near future:

the facade of the airport.

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

In window seats put in double-glazed Windows...

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

But inside there is still beauty.

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

the Column!

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

building a dog house, which is guarded by several guards.

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

Above the entrance to the dual power of old and new emblems.

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

Flagpoles are not used, but the plaque remained.

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

If the city's protectors and be able to defend the building, he could use some repair.

Photo: / Artem Ustyuzhanin

But the options for the future bus station. First criticized for its "Golden" appearance:


And the second, more modest:


What do you think about this?