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Moscow school students seventh graders dipped his head in the toilet and filmed it

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 03.10.2019 at 11:40

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

High school Students of the Moscow school №1536 dipped seventh graders Alexander Panchenko head in the toilet and filmed the abuse on video. Criminal case about a beating (part 1 of article 116 of the criminal code), the Department of education and the Moscow Ombudsman Tatyana Potyaeva understand what happened.

the Injured boy — soloist of children's ensemble Ilya Reznik "Small country". Video of the incident published the wife of the shochet and the Director of Musical theatre, Irina Romanova.

Video here

class teacher said yesterday: "the rehearsals and concerts to the butcher you more will not go!" BEATING AND lowering of the HEAD IN the TOILET of OUR ARTIST "the Little country" of SASHA PANCHENKO!

Irina Romanova, October 2,

"This is not yesterday. Now we try all the details to learn and to understand. We need to meet with the Director, and the whole thing to decide," said [homeroom teacher injured boy] Natalia.

the TV Channel "360"

Investigative Committee also checks on the fact of inaction of the school administration, the investigators will give a legal assessment of the actions of the teachers in the article on negligence (article 293 of the criminal code).

Video here

Little Sasha tells about his experiences a few days ago. It would be hard to go back to school and discuss the incident. He doesn't like conflict, but believes that the organizers of bullying need to be punished.

"They deserve it".


— Two days ago, the son came home in tears and told me that her class teacher told him: "You are never at concerts and rehearsals will not go and tell your parents." And yesterday evening we came this video mockery of our son — said the boy's mother Alla.

the child's Father Andrei said that Sasha was the to of two for twos after came a new homeroom teacher.

— we Have started to appear deuces for deuces, to us, to parents, change the attitude. Although we are always concert tickets, and videos sent that Sasha performs in the Kremlin and the charity concerts, said the man.


the Director of the ensemble, people's artist of Russia Ilya Reznik commented on the radio station "Moscow speaking" the incident in the Metropolitan school.

"Is a blatant episode, which saw the whole country. There are beasts, little beasts have grown. A lot of them. It is to them or what attacked? You can see that this atrocity that is sadism. They enjoy it, they say there [in the video — approx. GM]: "shoot, shoot!" What questions can there be, I don't understand? There will probably be a trial. The boy is not asleep [after the incident — approx. GM]".

the Wife of the poet-songwriter, Director ANO "Musical theatre Ilya Reznik" Irina Romanov in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" also expressed their indignation at the incident and said that perpetrators must be punished.

"what happened yesterday is a blatant case. I saw yesterday this boy, I heard the howling and crying of our mother, who returned yesterday from the hospital, her dad showed this video. The boy is not sleeping the last two or three days, he had a terrible injury. The teacher can say anything you want. We will not let it go, we're pushing everything we might make such a noise and outcry to stop the violence in all schools of Moscow, Moscow region and throughout Russia"

"Moscow Says"