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In the Central mosque of Bugulma city held a Majlis

Bugulma - city portal 02.10.2019 at 08:00

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In Bugulma held an event dedicated to the day of older persons.

In the Central mosque of Bugulma city was held Majlis dedicated to the International day of older persons.

the Manifestation of respect for elders in society is an indicator of the level of progress of the society, evidence of the assimilation of the foundations of morality by its members and the distinctive sign of their kindness and generosity.

it is Encouraging that in Bugulma muhtasibat for several years held events to invite people of venerable age, where they read the sermon, eat a delicious dinner, give gifts. Traditionally, the event began with a sermon of Imam-mukhtasiba city of Bugulma and Bugulma district Ramil Hazrat Khusnutdinova.

the Ramil reminded the audience on the rights by older people, about the necessity of respect for him. After reading verses from the Holy Quran. Followed by a festive lunch.

Also on this day was made the distribution to all present crop of Karabash village of Bugulminsky district.

Bugulma Mukhtasibat of KFKH expresses gratitude in the face of Fathutdinova Lily dautovna's for their assistance to the elderly.

the Press service of muhtasibat Bugulma and Bugulminsky district.