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Advice for citizens of pre-retirement age.

Bugulma - city portal 04.10.2019 at 06:00

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02.10.2019 in the framework of solving the task of ensuring the preservation and development of employment of citizens approaching retirement age in gku "the Center of employment of the population of Bugulma city" organized a consultation for the people of this category.

during the meeting, the specialist employment service reported that citizens approaching retirement age can take advantage of the state exemption for vocational training and additional vocational education. Professional training aimed at the acquisition by citizens of professional competencies, including for work with specific equipment, technology hardware and software and other professional funds, obtaining these persons qualification grades, classes, categories, professions or positions working an employee without a change in the level of education. Undergo training will be able applied to the center of employment of the population as not having the work of the citizens approaching retirement age, and workers organizations.

the Event generated interest among the audience, was asked a number of questions, including those about discrimination by employers in hiring and firing of citizens approaching retirement age, expressed the need for regular holding of such meetings.

the event was attended by 11 citizens of this category.