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Training: in the Volgograd region organized a training platform

News — Volgograd 02.10.2019 at 18:33

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

In seven organizations of the Volgograd region in 2019, create modern learning environments — this work is part of a comprehensive modernization of the vocational education system. New workshops will allow students to prepare for the demonstration exams and the championship of professional skill "Worldskills". Today the training area in the College of restaurant service and trade was inspected by the Deputy Governor of Zina Merzhoeva.

Zina Mirzoeva visited classrooms and updated workshops, talked with teachers and students. "Highly qualified personnel are the basis for the development of the Volgograd region. The region is addressing this important social problem through the transformation of the vocational education system in accordance with the requirements of modernity. Modernization of platforms — part of the job. In addition, we build partnerships with companies that allows us to employ students," said Zina Merzhoeva.

large-Scale modernization of the Volgograd College of restaurant service and trade held in 2018. Essential tools guide sent to workshop equipment. In the direction of "Cooking" created six jobs include Combi-steamers, induction cookers, household appliances (blenders, cutters, meat grinders, dough mixers). In the Arsenal of students of the specialty "Confectionery" appeared convection oven, marble boards, caramel lamps; for the site of "restaurant service" purchased dvojlozkova coffee machine, fittings, furniture and utensils.

Thanks to new workshops, the College has been accredited as a centre for the delivery of demonstration exam competency "Baking Ossetian pies". It was here honed his skills the pupil of the companies Alla Rubanenko, who in 2019, the silver prize-winner of National championship "Young professionals".

In November, 2019, upgraded classes will be competition venues V regional championship "Worldskills".

the Second point of the working trip — educational-industrial complex of the Volgograd technical College. The organization has entered into a regional priority project "Young professionals" of the national project "Education", becoming the winner of competitive selection of Ministry of education of Russia. Currently indoor repairs are completed, we are supplying the equipment. Modernized workshops will bring the educational process in compliance with modern requirements under the program "maintenance and repair of vehicles", "Technical running of lifting, building and road machines and equipment", "Mechanization of agriculture", "maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment", "Installation and maintenance of refrigeration-compressor machines and installations", "Programming in computer systems".

Total in 2019, with the use of the grant funds to the colleges will be established and equipped 35 workshops to explore the industrial, engineering, information and communication technologies, construction, transport and logistics, arts and design, services, agriculture, social sphere. By 2024, in professional organizations will open 50 equipped workshops.

Today in Volgograd region is developing a new approach to the development of secondary education, promotion of working professions and the role of the working Man – these were the main issues at the meetings of the Governor Andrei Bocharov with the winners of the, winners, members of national and world Championships "WorldSkills" students of colleges and vocational schools in the region and also with the participants of the forum "Fifth semester".

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