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In the Volgograd region passes competition "the Best welder"

News — Volgograd 03.10.2019 at 12:00

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

36 welders Volgograd region will participate in the review of professional skills, which is traditionally held on the site of the plant "Volgogradneftemash". The number of specialists who have demonstrated their skills, representatives of the "Titan Shield", "caustic", "Volgabas", "Red October", "EuroChem Volga Potassium" and "Severstal ropes", "Volgogradneftemash", "omsktehuglerod" and other enterprises.

"currently, it is difficult to imagine modern production without a qualified welding. The contest allows professionals to improve skills and exchange experiences, — said the Deputy Governor of the Volgograd region Roman Bekov. — It is important that every year the number of contestants grows in 2019, their specialists sent 27 industrial enterprises. The monitoring conducted by the regional Committee of industry and trade showed that the prestige and importance of the profession of welder is growing: currently, the need for all sectors of the economy is more than 800 people, and at the leading enterprises of the Volgograd region, the need is 184".

Test for the best welders are accidentally passed on the site of JSC "Volgogradneftemash". The company participates in the project of dual education in colleges, students receive the necessary theoretical knowledge and practice held at your future workplace. The plant used the most advanced welding technology, upgrading equipment. So, according to the Committee of industry and trade of the Volgograd region, on "Volgogradneftemash" this year set a new high-performance welding system manufactured in Austria for welding and surfacing of parts of oil equipment.

during the contest "Best welder" professionals have the opportunity to study and adopt advanced welding technology, to see new equipment, materials, methods, and means of control, to increase their skill level. In the theoretical part of the review, participants answered questions on science, health, technology of welding. During the practical phase completed the welding of pipe connections. In the evaluation considered safety, welding speed, material consumption and the quality of the connection.

remember, today Volgograd oblast is developing a new approach to the development of secondary education, promotion of working professions and the role of the working Man — these were the main issues at the meetings of the Governor Andrei Bocharov with the winners of the, winners, members of national and world Championships "WorldSkills", students of colleges and vocational schools in the region and also with the participants of the forum "Fifth semester". In the seven colleges of Volgograd region in 2019 35 create modern workshops — this work is part of a comprehensive modernization of the vocational education system. The new training space will help to prepare for exams and demo Championships of professional skills.

the Contest "Best in profession" held in Volgograd region for 13 years, aimed at raising the prestige of highly qualified labour of workers of mass professions, demonstration of their achievements and best practices, and assistance in attracting young people for training and employment in the working field. As noted in the Committee on labor and employment of the Volgograd region, this year the show is held in four categories. The winners of the regional professional skill competition will receive diplomas and cash prizes.

will Add, according to the oblpromtorg monitoring until 2025, taking into account the implementation of investment projects staffing requirements of the industrial sector will be around 19 thousand workers and engineers.

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