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In the Volgograd region, expand the network of regional roads

News — Volgograd 04.10.2019 at 10:33

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

Until the end of October completed construction of a paved road to the village of Old Kendal. The track length of 4.5 kilometers will not just provide year-round accessibility, but will in the future directly connect Rudnyansky and Danilovsky areas, thereby significantly shortening the way from the city to Volgograd.

At the facility, which is being built under the state program "Sustainable development of rural territories", now completed laying the first layer of asphalt concrete. It employs more than 60 people, involved about 30 vehicles. Currently work is going on the most difficult stretch of road, which passes through the beam.

As explained by the representatives of the contractor — GBU Volgogradavtodor — to drain rainwater and flood waters at the facility include culverts. Mound over the beam increased by 4.5 metres to the spring water didn't pour through the track. Installed under the road corrugated culvert pipe with a modern polymeric coating. Now comes the pouring of concrete ditches with a total length of more than 3.3 kilometers, and chutes with a total length of 500 meters. Provides for the installation of treatment facilities to the effluent do not pollute the river Bear.

to Perform such a volume of complex work helps the new technique, which recently has significantly strengthened the material and technical base of the organization: "Thanks to the support of the Governor of the Volgograd region administration, we have updated the fleet, which significantly increased the efficiency "of Vologdavtodor". Got a lot of construction equipment, dump trucks, asphalt spreaders, set of equipment for winter maintenance of trails. This allows you to attract new contracts, to participate in the national project "Safe and quality roads," — said the first Deputy Director GBU Volgogradavtodor Vasily Kolesnikov.

the Quality of work at each stage monitors its own laboratory of "Volgogradenergo" and customer service, independent organizations, public figures.

Total 2019 programme "Sustainable development of rural areas" and "Development of transport system and ensuring traffic safety in the Volgograd region" in rural areas will pass more than 34 kilometres of roads. One of the major objects — an 18-kilometer stretch between the hamlets of Dubovskiy and Pekinski to directly link Uryupinsk and Alekseevsky areas. Recall that the task of development of road transport infrastructure, taking into account proposals of residents of the region set by the Governor of the Volgograd region Andrei Bocharov. For example, the results of his working trip to Ilovlya a decision on the construction of the highway which directly will connect Moscow and Saratov highway, Ilovlinskiy and Dubovsky areas. This will give additional impetus to the development of rural settlements and new logistical possibilities for the whole region.

the Integrated approach to territorial development, the implementation of infrastructure projects — strategic priorities identified by the Governor Andrei Bocharov in 2014. During this time all kinds of work in the region reached more than 1.6 thousand kilometers of trails, including those constructed 260 kilometers of new roads.

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