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Andrei Bocharov: "the decision on formation of the state program of modernization of preschool and school education"

News — Volgograd 04.10.2019 at 10:33

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At the site of Volgograd socio-pedagogical College, the Governor Andrei Bocharov held a meeting on issues of organization of modern educational space, the introduction of innovative methods of training young professionals and the formation of the state program of modernization of preschool and school education. The head of the region congratulated on professional holiday teachers, wishing them health, patience and success in their difficult but so important work.

the Governor spoke to teachers and students: the students were told about the practice, which took place this summer in recreation camps of the region, demonstrated the capabilities of the mobile planetarium, which hosts virtual tours for elementary grades.

Innovative equipment the College has received within the framework of priority project "Young professionals (improving the competitiveness of vocational education)" the national project "Education", won the competitive selection of Ministry of education of Russia. For grant funds in the amount of 15 million rubles in the colleges before the end of the year, organized five workshops for the competencies: "Teaching in the early grades", "Social work", "Physical culture, sport and fitness", "Preschool education", "Teaching music in the school."

Workshop "Teaching in the early grades" is already working and is very popular. Future teachers under the guidance of trainers conduct interactive lessons for students in first to fourth grades of secondary schools №№ 40, 101, and Lyceum № 7. The workshop is divided into two zones: the working set of modern computer equipment on which the students write programs and make schemes work with children, and then in the interactive zone, these developments are tested in practice. In the office, where classes are held with juniors, there is the interactive table, interactive globe, designers in robotics and other advanced equipment.

the head of the region gave a high assessment of the organization of modern educational space in the training workshops and drew attention to the need to study the issue on creation of such interactive classrooms at the preschool and educational institutions.

"Children like this format much more interesting than just sitting and listening to the teacher. In the form of interactive games knowledge better absorbed, — emphasized Andrey Bocharov. — We are making the first steps to training of specialists in modern approaches to interaction with children. This work should be carried out not only in College but also in kindergartens, schools, future teachers had the opportunity to test in their own teaching skills. So we made the decision to establish at the regional level of the state program of modernization of preschool and school education".

the Governor also appreciated the cooperation built between Volgograd socio-pedagogical College and profile UGSU: "Rectors of other universities should be more actively involved in this work to strengthen the ties between colleges, universities and employers".

will Add the integrated education development in Volgograd region is built with the features at all levels: preschool, General, secondary, vocational, higher. Due to the construction and reconstruction of the 48 kindergartens provided and maintained 100% access to preschool education for children from three to seven years. For the first time since the Soviet era built two schools tournament in Volgograd and Kamyshin. 56 schools located in 38 municipal areas, began work centers and digital Humanities "Point of growth". In the colleges this year will open more than 30 modern training workshops for the study of industrial, engineering, information and communication technologies, construction, transport and logistics, arts and design, services, agriculture, social sector, 50 more by 2024. Ongoing implementation of the digital educational environment and update the material-technical base.

In the framework of national and regional priority projects develop a new approach to the development of education, promotion of working professions and the role of Human Labor. These questions the Governor Andrei Bocharov discussed with the winners and prize-winners of the championship "WorldSkills", the participants of the forum "Fifth semester".

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