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04.10.2019 18:17 : Priest Nicholas Stranskeho, who is accused of abuse of adopted children, left under arrest

News | Moscow Echo 04.10.2019 at 15:17

News on the echo of Moscow

An Appeal against the decision to arrest discussed today the Orenburg regional court. The priests participated in the meeting via video link.

the Abbot of Saraktashsky convent of mercy Nicholas Strasnogo arrested September 24 and charged with rape of foster child, and indecent assault against 6 minors, who were under his care. Last week the Leninsky district court sent him to custody till November 12.

However, the lawyers insisted on house arrest. At the last meeting, the defense argued that Nicholas stremskii could not be kept in jail because "his efforts built one of the famous religious complexes in Russia", he was repeatedly awarded medals, in addition to the "conditions of the detention facility do not wear the Orthodox cross that the priest is unthinkable," and arrest "one of the most famous clergy of Russia can cause huge damage to the Christian world." PozzheMeduza wrote that the jail permitted to wear a cross, but only wooden.

Today in court to those arguments and added more information about the health of Nicholas Strasnogo. This was after a meeting said the lawyer, Yuri Amelichkin: "stremski Nikolay Evgenevich in need of medical assistance in connection with the condition. The defense believes that the conditions in the jail proper medical care is now impossible to do."

However, at the last hearing, the judge said that diseases that would prevent sending the accused to jail, Nicholas Strasnogo no.

Attorneys Nicholas Strasnogo intend to appeal his maintenance in jail.