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04.10.2019 18:27 : starting tomorrow in Hong Kong citizens are allowed to hide the face

News | Moscow Echo 04.10.2019 at 15:27

News on the echo of Moscow

Head of administration Carrie Lam declared that such a decree was made to prevent violence. Violation of the ban on the wearing of masks will be punished by deprivation of liberty for a term up to one year and a large fine. Mass protests against the bill on extradition and surrender of accused mainland China go to Hong Kong for a few months. But now the protesters began to take to the streets in masks – even against the new order.

the Head of the administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam said it was difficult to decide on such a measure, however, she took this step, because the situation in the city is cause for serious concern, says Deutsche Welle. The order is based on the law on emergency situations adopted back in the days when Hong Kong was a British colony. This law allows the authorities to issue any order in the interests of public safety and had not been used for 50 years. Lam, however, underlined that speech does not go about introduction of state of emergency.

it is not clear exactly how the authorities intend to enforce the ban on the wearing of masks. The demonstrators, indeed, often put on masks not to be recognized and to protect themselves from tear gas, however, in Hong Kong, many people wear masks just to protect from air pollution, viruses and bacteria.

Lam promised to make exceptions for people who can't do without masks and also for those who covers her face for religious reasons. At the same time is strictly prohibited the wearing of masks in groups consisting of at least five people. For the violation has a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment.

Newspaper South China Morning Post notes that, despite the ban, many supporters of the opposition among student youth have expressed their willingness to continue their actions. A few days ago was celebrated the 70th anniversary of the formation of the PRC, Beijing hosted a large-scale military parade. Chairman XI Jinping vowed to bring prosperity in the region, says the BBC. In the Hong Kong on Tuesday, opened at least 15 metro stations and numerous shopping centres. The streets were hosted several thousand police officers. Clashes resumed with renewed vigor, one of the protesters, 18-year-old student of the College, received a gunshot wound.

the Demonstrations began in Hong Kong in March and April, mass they began in June.