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04.10.2019 18:28 : Players of real Madrid are paying penalties for the extra weight

News | Moscow Echo 04.10.2019 at 15:28

News on the echo of Moscow

Spanish newspaper Mark has published internal documents of the club.

extra grams which exceed the prescribed by doctors norm violators have to pay up to thousands of euros. However, this is not the biggest offense. Failing to attend training will cost three thousand. In General, players are required to arrive 45 minutes before it started. Being late for five minutes will cost 250 euros, if a player came into the dressing room for half an hour, he will have to pay twice the amount, and if you want to stay another minute, you'll pay a thousand. Addiction to gadgets at the wrong time can cost 250 euros, and in the case of relapse, the amount increases to thousands. In General mobile phones must remain in silent mode for almost the entire time spent in the location of the club. Go on a picnic, as ordinary citizens, the real players can't. Before you leave Madrid, they must first ask permission of the management. Even if the player does not hit the bid and knows that he's not out on the field, he, nevertheless, must be present at the stadium until the moment when the end of a match remains only 10 minutes. Violation of this part punishable by a considerable sum.

However, the real Madrid players can afford such expenses. Less than 10 000 euros per week in the first team does not get one, and the highest paid player garret bale earns almost 400 000 per week.